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KeresseM Feb 2020
Off the beaten track by the skin of one's breath, bowed down made to last, seaminly lost and gone, containing nothing but shattered peices of broken glass, mind going insane tossing turning, body weak muscles aching possessions held inside giving long, loud, piercing cry or cries expressing extreme emotional pain, I cannot help myself can you hear me screaming I'm afraid I'm ganna die get me out of here, heart is beating faster are you listening, don't leave me alone falling apart from nothingness seems strange I don't want to say goodbye, your ganna have to hear those words I'm broken and lost,
I hear those whispers in dark when darkness comes I feel alone, wanna turn and run it's keeping me down every day I try standing.
KeresseM Dec 2019
Head under water laying in the tub, heartbeat racing emotions in they air, body just shaking my heartbeat is fading, thinking of all these emotional feelings, gasps of the air as my voice is breaking...

Darkness lurking my soul is for it's taking, cold as ice how my heart is fading, blood inside racing muscles aching my my soul is finally fading, in times of trouble and insanity the darkness is around me, i carry marks to disguise pain i carry secure behind my eyes, i can let out again misery i hide to hell with my dignity or pride
KeresseM Dec 2019
I'm a falcon hunting pigeons restless but at ease, I sour the sky and bleed the cloud as my beak pierces and shreds them apart. Sharp claws despair in blood, causeing rapid waves inside the heart, hunger pulses trough body parts
The vacant, hollow, abyss where my hunger resides famished for the jubilant parrot. Tear its wing and rejoice as it plummets, my claws marry its neck as I dance with the wind having secured my meal
only find within my bones, A taste for eating earth and stones,
When I feed, I feed on air, Rocks and coals and
My hunger, gather as you can the bright poison ****, Loaves left lying in the mud.
Stanza 1&3 Jamie King
Stanza 2&4 Keresse.M
KeresseM Dec 2019
The limous crud creeping in cracks, as light departs,
Shattered vocals below drowning eyes,
Each breath as though it were the last, Suffocating Alive
I'm buried deep inside a dying heart,
Anguished peaces torn apart, moments couldn't catch their breath, Heart frozen in continuous bewilderment,
Darkend halos enveloping lacerated lamenting hearts, set imprisonment in between their puzzled parts, The iris immersed in a roaring ocean
Writte By Keresse.M And Jamie King

— The End —