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Mugi Ay Nov 2021
The carnivorous butterflies in one's belly show it all, and the deeper you fall in love the more organs these things eat, so don't go asking why I don't have a heart.
The more you fall in love the more you get hurt...
Mugi Ay May 2020
I had just seen true beauty
Then everything started darkening
Though the darker everything became,the more I felt her resonance burn through my eyes
And when everything went went totally numb and dark
I saw it again,
She looked like the sunset had a child with the stars
And she had the voice like the wind,smooth and relaxing
That was the last thing I might ever see
For since then I have been blind.
Its beautiful how imagination can create a perfect Eutopia and euphoria
Mugi Ay Apr 2020
Am lost in a forest of emotion,
Drowning in an endless sea
Am looking for a way out of this maze with no exit
I am stuck in love
I guess am lost in thy mind
It's really beautiful but I would love to play in my mind
But one little more day won't hurt
We get caught up into people's minds, the more emotion shared with a person,the more we are hooked up to them.
Mugi Ay Mar 2020
She was black
Darker than ebony
yet she managed to **** the beauty straight out the sun
she was beauty at it's most
i don't know how but she managed to glue the stars in her eyes
and the spark of day break in her smile

She was that , that even those who are beautiful,
wanted to be plus more,
she was fire and she burnt my heart.
though thing is, we could never be
we were burnt by fate
and built by time

she was a fish
and i was a monkey
and her environment chocked me
so i could never live with her
She is my promised never queen

A queen
being loved by a fellow a level below peasant level
She is royalty
and i am , hmm well, negligible
but she was my promised never queen

i hope to love you even the next world
hoping you love me back
because in this world
you you are my promised never queen
your a queen but we are promised by fate,
never to be

                                                             ­      @MUGI AY
Its a poem inspired by the fact that some love relations are not meant to be

— The End —