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Gobinda Deb Nov 2018
" Glad I am...penance which I got.
Hell was that day!
Scared and Seeking retribution.
Your cold hand showed me the warmth.
That day I knew I was loved.
Many years passed still we talk.
Feeling the same, which I felt before.
We grew, so did Love.
Butchered and Injured by the word.
Changed how we perceive the World.
Time paused for me that day.
Cause you stayed with me for all eternity.
I love you, all I have to say."
Gobinda Deb Oct 2018
Dear Life ...

As Night is quieter than Day.

As Hate is easier than Love.

As Silence is more powerful than Oration.

Death is more familiar than you .
Gobinda Deb Oct 2018
Dear Life...
Thou the silent watcher of time.
Death call's thee "A beautiful lie".
World Changed...
So did love!
Thou cozen with oneself and the world...wherefore?
Verily...I have changed!
Thou let me... mazed by the situation.
Yea! Time with thee tantiving like stallion.
Collecting betimes as much thyself can.
Cause where there's no plight, a mighty ship can sink as well....
So does a relationship!

— The End —