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Depth is found in each pain
Worth is found in each thought
Reckless me became a memory
New version yet to evolve
With one more scar
Yet hopefully waiting for the light.
Life became a mess
Just when she left.
Neither she is my love
Nor I am hers.
Yet her disappearance
Costed a lot in me
Realising how valuable was she to me
And how weak I have become.
Demands are in a high resist
Towards the ending death of dreams
Sealed are the working leaves
Tethered to the net of breath
Life may fly like a tilted child
But converging thoughts are in confusion.
So is my heart dark and rough
Rocky and clustered,
Waiting for a simple, strong breeze.
Days of words
Rolled up just like that
With one little push
That was blocked
By a ******* curtain
Now falling down,
Falling down the frill.
Words of ocean,
Smell and taste,
Feel and thoughts,
Here it comes just like that
Believed to be a fairy
Because they told me so
But became a burden
Bringing glee into darkness.
Hmm! Life is great
I laughed,
For a whole year deeply
And lo! Got a full stop
For next break again.
Ha ha ha... fun, oh fun
Life is full of pun.
Thanks to whatever I have
And thanks to however I am
Yet! It is a burden
For those tears shedding
For me and because of me.
#burden #parents #care #pain
A touch
A kiss
A prayer
A smile
Every form is a feel.
So is the fear
Is the dismay
And the thought of
Unmoving time.
Deep pains unknown to self
Reveals its presence
Like an heart attack
Its root cause cannot be found
And lo its presence
Can never be healed.
Blessed are these moments of curse.
Blessed I am for being cursed.
I was active in that crowd
There was none who
Knew not my name
But years have passed
I have not gone there
And they never enquired.
They are not my famiky
They are not my friends
They are acquaintances...
So yes, why should they care?
It was my foolishness
To expect...
I know ignorance is pain
And I knew it well
When my kith n kin left me
I should have known
Acquaintaces are more far
From all others...
I am fading in myself
I am folding into myself
Hy yaar, ignorance hurts
So is the fading.
Don't ignore. If you can't care, don't give false hopes.
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