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Nov 2018 · 311
Trial and Error
Moon Nectar Nov 2018
I'm slowly learning
That the method of trial and error
Is a greatly overrated way
Of learning
How to love someone

But it's the only way
I know how
Moon Nectar Nov 2018
Who knew it could be this easy
To live
In two places at once,
Where I am
And then
Where you are
For my body sleeps still
In my bed
But my mind
Runs away in the night
To be in your arms.
Easy? No
But the scars you leave
When you leave
Heal a little more
Each time I close my eyelids
To dream of you
Nov 2018 · 960
The old gumtree
Moon Nectar Nov 2018
Her arms drape over
Leaving her shadow behind
Branches brush my thighs
Dance along my bare skin
While early morning
Incandescent sunrays
Rest on my cheeks
Standing at her roots
She brings me to my knees
Grounded heavy
In gratitude
as she shows us
So gracefully
How to breathe
Nov 2018 · 1.3k
Grandfather Sun
Moon Nectar Nov 2018
The first early morning sunrays
Sharp warmth
Yet tender as it paints
My freckled skin
As I sit with crossed legs
And heavy eyelids
The only one shuffling out
To watch him rise
Above distant hills
With dew
And orange tinted
Wild flowers
Sweating the coolness of the night
Into spiralling, trickling streams
Carried into the river
I rest my feet at her edges
As he slowly, softly
Sings the birds to life
Giving, sharing
Breathing, beaming
Despite all
Our grandfather sun
Exhaling life giving warmth
Warmth giving love
Nourishing, nurturing
He weaves his magic
Through every creatures tapestry
I love him back
Larger today
For he Is the first to embrace me
Rustling my heart to life
Morning through night
In all days
And all ways
He melts me like no other
For him
I am eternally grateful
For him
I am always in service
For now
I need no other
For now
I desire no other
And this is new
And exciting,
For me
For the sun
Tall grass
Untamed land
River beds
Deep valleys
Grandma forests
Those who walk
With love and reverence
For this devine
******* beautiful
Earth under our feet
Gracefully handing us life
Every day
Nov 2018 · 153
Moon Nectar Nov 2018
Keep sipping your ginger tea
Stare me down
From the soft blue cushion
On your corner of the bed
On my soft naked skin
With your eyes
That appear a little darker these days
A little hungrier
Much like my thirst when I see you
With my back pressed into the cold brick wall
I speak softly
Telling you that I won't open
These parts for you anymore
Until my doors crack
Just slightly open
And you march in
Reach in
I dread your destructive ways
I crave them too
All while hoping
When you're finished demolishing my walls
You'll build a little home
Just big enough
Sweet enough
For the 2 of us
So again
And again
I allow myself to crumble
At your boots.
But last night
I wasn't just unsteady
You took my whole foundation away
Ripped it
Straight from under my feet
Before walking out
While I still had no legs
And I lay a mess on the floor
But don't worry,
It's okay
They grew back
And I built another home
While I slept
And dreamt of you
Sep 2018 · 262
Spring closet
Moon Nectar Sep 2018
You're like the tattered tissues
I left in the pocket
Of my favourite winter sweater
I threw you in
To tumble around
With my other ***** winter laundry
It's spring now
And I'm still picking pieces of you
From parts of me I thought you'd never
I wish I never put you in my pockets
But i needed you then
Apr 2017 · 2.1k
Sea blue sailing
Moon Nectar Apr 2017
For now there is only ocean
And skies
The possessing blue expanse of it all
One beautiful unending sameness
Contently captivated.
Tomorrow sitting on the horizon
Swallowed by the sunset
Yesterday a world away
For now there is only stars
And this body entirely
Dipping and weaving her way
Through darkness unguided

— The End —