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Modien 5d
Tell me
silent sinister
what have you to offer
thy name
thy God
thy trespasser?
Modien 5d
I solemnly state
sincerity in ashes
Actions less than
that of herself
Wish for
Modien Apr 9
The numbing sound
of the
preempts my yearn
Its concept bites
down at me and
my lungs
Punctured by
barred teeth,
is spilled
  Jan 2 Modien
Artists are often
broken people
using the fragments of themselves
to create something new
and although
being healed
feels so complete
sometimes i want to be broken again
sometimes i want open wounds
so i can use the blood
to paint sunsets
so i can use the torn off pieces of skin as a canvas
so i can carve
masterpieces with the jagged bones left behind
but I can't bring myself to break my own heart in the name of Art
Modien Jan 2
The person you look at in the mirror
Is the person who seeks pleasure
A pleasure derived only from the applause that your smile brings
Or the awes that your voice rings
The person you look at in the mirror
Is the person who sees horror
Horror in the truth of the self
And horror that you've put in the darkest crevice of your bookshelf
The person you look at in the mirror
Is the person you've so successfully hidden in the back drawer
With a key you've swallowed
And a sign that says "not allowed"
The person you look at in the mirror
Is the person you find so hard to conquer
You've read all the books
You've watched all the movies
You've drawn every sword from every rock
You've opened all the doors with the impossible locks
You've bitten all the apples offered by a lady who sings of love
You've given up everything you have for what's above
You've scoured the earth for eternal youth
You've flown with the lost boys to know the happiness of a child
But, you have yet to truly see the beast in the magic mirror before the final rose petal falls
Modien May 2018
Just when I started to feel okay
Your words came along and took that all away
Your words were knives to my chest
They've put my motivation and happiness to rest
Modien May 2018
I understand that the stars don't shine for me
That the sun doesn't rise or fall for my glee
That the moon doesn't give light at night to pave my way
Or that this life goes on to make me stay

I know how this works
I know that I won't get all the perks
But, how I wish that this life would not lead me astray
For I fear that I will completely lose my way
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