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Modien Aug 2021
The pair of scissors
acted upon God's will
and slid across the tapestry
nearing it's end
it spoke 7 last words
beyond reparation
Modien Aug 2021
The prophet who
walked upon us and
healed the sick
has forgotten about
the roof with the
bullet hole
Modien Aug 2021
I pray to a God whose existence
is beyond me
I kneel before the tortured
I wipe tears of blood
and yearn for
the crucifixion
Modien Aug 2021
I cut through each
piece of fabric
with my eyes
hoping that I'll pierce
the fabric of my skin
Modien Jan 2021
I keep on looking for you

                               in my past life


             only remnants

of an

                                             unrequited existence
Modien Jan 2020
I thought


             in some

fantasised version of



                 you'd come in my life

in a

perfect            cliché


         roses and chocolates
Modien Dec 2019
It seems that the words
I've used to create a painting
has been bound by a time
that I no longer wish to reconcile
The painting, beautifully saturated
is nothing but a mere mirage
that I met in the beauty of your
summer heat
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