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Faisal Nov 2014
U live in someone's heart this way....!

As petals that rest on a flower
As rain that drop by drop falls
As sun & it's beautiful ray
U live in someone's heart this way

As trees & their morning dew
As sea & wen it turns blue
As evening & it's magical sway
U live in someone's heart this way....!
Faisal Nov 2014
Whenever u miss me....
U'll find me in ur favorite scent
In ur beauty & what it always meant
In dewy petals who envy ur rosy lips
Whenever breeze gives them a warm kiss
In ur kajal (Kohel) & when it's in ur eye
In ur words which speak truth & never lie...
Faisal Nov 2014
In this cycle of day and night
Some people continue to fight
The battle between head & heart
Won by only those who are smart...

A struggle against an unwilling mind
And a heart that is equally unkind
A sob after sob , a sigh after sigh
Who can pay a price so high...

If you see such people with hurt souls
Who neither have life nor future goals
Share their pain & cast a smiling gaze
God lives in their hearts with His shining face...
Faisal Nov 2014
Sometimes we miss
Sometimes we need
Sometimes we are hurt
Our hearts bleed......

Sometimes we care
Sometimes we see
Sometimes we hug
Surprised r we......

Sometimes as strangers
Sometimes so close
Sometimes we fight
Then love follows.....

Till when these sometimes?
Till when sadness?
Till when this cycle?
Presence & Absence.....
Faisal Nov 2014
A cup of coffee that sizzles
While outside it drizzles & drizzles

A season of sneezes beside steamy fireplace
While night passes in a slow slow place

Mists, marmalade silence & a fragrant hue
All are present, but where are "U".....
Faisal Nov 2014
Looking at a distant scene
 Dreamy eyes know what they mean

Time disappears  & where it flies
Moments pass plz hear their cries

Life is a story for who understood
We just stared & this much we could...
Faisal Nov 2014
And falling rain drops

And  slowly moving crops

That have so many dreams

that never ever stops

You & I 
Whenever we meet

Which dance & happily beat

The story of love is not that long
Its Music like a beautiful song ...
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