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The thin line between love and hate broke
love has merged with hate
It’s bittersweet

The memories make me smile and cry
The feeling is both good and bad

I am in despair
The years drew us apart
Our vows could not hold
The cords got broken

I have a stranger in my bed
There is a stranger in my bed.
When you came home
I dropped my pen and stopped being a poet
for my fantasy stood right in front of me.

The plane took off at 7:20 pm tonight and here I am writing again because the love of my life went away on the plane.
Subject it between
and pain

Let my ***** tingle
at the thought of it.
Good morning
At the break of every dawn

The days go by
And yet you never come by
Wish I could write a song for you
For our love to be the melody that soothes the soul

I wish I could walk down the shores of life with you forever
Then I can stop to watch you walk , admire your back
And watch our silhouettes join at sunsets

Wish I could replay the days
Pause the beautiful moments
Right the wrong days
Relive the night of betrayal
And to never let it be

I wish you are mine to hold
Not in part but in whole
To all and not just the few
I wish I never let go
I wish
I wish to be yours forever
And not just for today

— The End —