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Michael W Noland Aug 2014
I can separate fact from fiction,
one is heaven
the other
a prison

Which is what, is in intuition,
and I'm missing it, mostly
but that's your religion
Michael W Noland Aug 2014
I saw a star that sliced the sky,
and to my surprise
it sliced twice

thrice the flash,
I rubbed
my eyes,

was warned

I saw a cloud that filled the sky,
and to my reprise
its light was

lightning flashed
I rubbed
my eyes,

was formed

I saw the sun
inside the

behind a cloud
and inside
a wound,


I was
Michael W Noland Jul 2014
I can be a worm in the sun sometimes,
shouting with my squirms.

Where every single wiggle rhymes,
and every syllable burns.
Michael W Noland Jun 2014
I could light a fire
to the things
I've grown tired of and leave,
of no commitment,
nor need.
Michael W Noland Jun 2014
There are, endemic intricacies, in these, precinctive dreams, I weave, where perforated seas give way to ever changing islands, that if seen, cease to be, unique.

And there is, this feeling of sadness that gives to it, a meaning, a silence, so subtly fit in, a violence inside it that soothes in the end, as the islands, the islands, they sink, but rise again.

And if, I am to write it, I right it, to ride it, into dust, and these dreams, this sea, may only see it for thine ends, merely to feel it, is to say it, is to share it, beyond the fence.

But I keep what I ****, and silence, my defense,  whispering of islands, then drowning in theirs depths, bringing the light unto darkness, and darkness unto the dust of my breaths.
Michael W Noland May 2014
It's here
Here in the moment

staring into that screen

tap it out
spill it now


Don't let it go
nor let it know

you're recording

but absord it
and store it in


Let it fill your glands
your heart, your blood
then hands

but give it room
to breathe

Can't want
can't crave

can't cave to need

can't break
nor take the dream

can't take it

where it doesn't
want to be

You'll get it
where it's going

just allow it to be

Ten too many
and babbling
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