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Audrey Michelle Jun 2020
I am her mother.
It hurts,i am the reason
She almost gave up on a dream,
That saved us all.

We think it's protection.
Discouraged and taunted my own.
Now she is all grown,
Already looking for a groom.

I should have supported her.
It hurts, i am the reason
Her road was this hard,
Yet,she won.

She did her best.
Shattered the glass ceiling,
Built bridges,
And raised walls for success.

Since it turned out well for her,
It hasn't changed,
So hasn't she.
And that daughter of mine,
Is me.
Audrey Michelle Jun 2020
I have learned to love you from afar.
Alone sitting in this bitterness.
Gazing afar,
Rewriting memories in my mind,
A solace i find in these thoughts.
Trust we built our love on
On it,we tore apart.
Had it been my decision
Our song would be complete,
Or maybe a bliss.
You still appear in my dreams.
Like the gleam of dawn in the east.
And so i wake up to a reality  that hurts,
That is how i have been living
Since the day you left.
i'm new to poetry,i'm trying to learn and do my best.
Audrey Michelle Jun 2020
I have been there a billion times,
It’s As if I’m far away from your galaxies.
My shape and form is but just out of this world.
When you look at me even you see me different,
You never know how hard it is to survive through each day,
Breathing very hot air,
It feels cooler during the night.
I see the stars shine so bright till morning light,
And then my hope is renewed then,
Until I can no longer feel this blockage in my throat,
And only then will I SAY,
it is well with my soul.
Audrey Michelle Jun 2020
Long I waited
For the perfect puzzle piece to fit into mine.
Little did I know I was the unfitting puzzle piece
Trying to fit in.
Sadness shock me
And I realized money sometimes buys even hearts.
Even the hottest of pain
Is diffused by luxury.
But I didn’t have any money
So I had to wait until either I was rich
Or the other poor so I could fit it in perfectly.
I dreaded for the day I would wake up
Cause’ it sometimes somehow
Felt like a dream.
It’s amazing how you can wait for so long to be forgotten.
You wait hopefully to be pushed into a sad dark corner.
But yet still, I waited.
Audrey Michelle Jun 2020
That night,
Glittery stars,stiff air
I still breathed.
Thoughts of new beginnings,
A fresh start
Was a door out of blue.
Having once sunk
It was but a memory lane.
Can’t reminisce
On a pain as it once were.
As a sign
Still,I breathed on my own.
And that alone
Became the starting point of a journey
That could have never been,
Life began.

— The End —