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Metanoia Feb 2016
I am not a cop
or preacher
I am not the director
of advertising
head of sales
or top model
I am not your mother
or annoying uncle
I am not going to tell you
what to do
Metanoia Feb 2016
all you kids will figure it out
find love
feel free
it hurts now but I swear
one day you'll wake up
and be 43 years old
wishing you were young again
laughing at your past
shutting off your phone at dawn
to sleep an hour more
Metanoia Feb 2016
The carpet is ***** but I sleep
on the floor
of the room I lost my virginity in
when I was a teenager
where is she now I wonder
the view of the adjacent house
through the cobwebbed window
remains as it did
those ten or so years ago
shadows of trees dance on a fresh white coat in the sometimes breeze
overgrown bush and brick below
with grass and damp decoys
worried about an unwell friend
fighting the urge to walk
to the bottle shop
and forget about my life
for awhile
Metanoia Feb 2015
are you
day dreamed
*** crazed
hex slaved
are you
nightmare fueled
leaving soon
must avoid
money ******
no luck
love starved
too hard
no fun
on drugs
hate sun
are you
worse off
all talk
can't sleep
back seat
like me
want out
big mouth
head south
don't care
not there
are you
Metanoia Feb 2015
the people you know
will act strange
towards you
they might project
their insecurities
more than usual
or lash out
maybe you will hear
from someone you
used to be close with
it's their way of dealing
with the uneasiness
my advice:
stay inside
ride it out
and remind yourself:
this will pass
Metanoia Jan 2015
I'm not doing
**** today
Metanoia Jan 2015
I can hurt you
the way you hurt me
but that is like picking
the low hanging fruit
I'd rather be
at the top of the tree
admiring the vastness
of everything beyond
the trivial rot
and the tangled roots
you've become
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