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Mar 2019 · 193
Michael Penner Mar 2019
My love may falter, but never will it leave,
My love might be shaken, but no sin will come between ,
You might be hated and cursed by all, but always remember,
your little brother always loves.
Mar 2019 · 158
Michael Penner Mar 2019
You are the anxiety that swells in my under belly,
The fear of the unknown,
But glory of discovery.
In times of trouble do you show.
Mar 2019 · 99
Waste of Time
Michael Penner Mar 2019
******* waste of time,
Go here, do this,
******* waste of time,
Yell here, yell at that,
Never enough for the ******* Army.
Mar 2019 · 89
Sons of War
Michael Penner Mar 2019
Little solider won’t you come home to me,
Don’t let them bring your bones to me,
Little solider fight on for me,
Little solider come home to me.

Little solider what did those ******* do to you,
Little solider you’re skin and bones,
Little solider won’t you talk to me,
Little solider put the bottle down,
My little solider, come home to me.
Mar 2019 · 98
Michael Penner Mar 2019
Oh wilderness,
In your silent beauty,
My emptiness erupts.

— The End —