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Aurelia Ward Dec 2018
I stare into her lovely face,
the moon who's long looked after me

Mother, sister, lover, friend
And yet she belongs to the sea

She daintily sits upon his lap;
her liquid groom who loves her so

She will not leave him though I plead,
How I wish that I could show:

I'd never slap her pale form
as he does with his careless waves

I'd never leave her so forlorn
As he does with his escapades

He carries yars from shore to shore
But I've arms only for the one

And though she may not shine as bright
I'd ne'er compare her to the sun!

Yet every night she still returns
into his embrace, not mine

And days go on, but still I yearn
for her sweet, forbidden shine
Aurelia Ward Dec 2018
Forget me not,
my swallowtail,
as you fly through
the pasty clouds

soaring on wings
that will not fail,
past the grieving
sunlight's shrouds

As Helios,
whom you hail,
drags away our
golden star

Through the darkness
you will sail
back to my arms
from afar
Aurelia Ward Nov 2018
I like to pretend it's his, you know,
because I wish that he was mine

Teacher said wishes come from stars so
I pray to everything that shines

Mommy have you ever
I ask as she lay
beside the bottles
If she's ever,
Ever been in love

Love is for the stars
She cried
Love is for the stars

I like to pretend it's his, you know
Because he'll never be mine
Aurelia Ward Oct 2018
Fingers in hair
Tousled softly, though,
I know you mind if it doesn't
hurt a little
it's just how we are

You laugh and
Laugh and
Laugh and
Laugh and

the feeling of you;
it never ends
im glad
To Lashes
Aurelia Ward Oct 2018
The night is fuzzy
from the haze of the soft lights
street lights
porch lights
I linger, swathed in slumber

The shadows have teeth
deep set, many searching eyes
red eyes
mad eyes
I linger, swathed in slumber

The world is barren
all others dead to the night
they sleep
we sleep
I linger, swathed in slumber

No one can save me
I cannot wake up from this
I linger, swathed in slumber

The shadows move in
the lights won't work—nothing works!
I can't
Wake up!
I linger, swathed in terror
Just had an awful nightmare, and now I can't sleep, so I wrote this instead
Aurelia Ward Oct 2018
The downy plumes
Surround his eyes
His twisted mouth
A tired disguise
The cotton shell he
Held so close
To hide the sheep
That cried inside

Sticky memories
Keep him trapped
Gooey fleece
Is gently wrapped
Fingers outstretched
Until their tears had
For Lashes
Aurelia Ward Oct 2018
Being with you
is like playing

And I still won't
even peek
through my fingers

You're so
Friendly with me
but you still haven't

I'm frail inside
like a bird's
hollow bones

I'm like a snail
that won't
leave it's shell

And you're so
But I still won't
Let you see

Because I'm hurting
Because I know you'll
Punish me for
Feeling how I feel
   I know it's strange
Dunno what's real
   Can't even change
Can't seem to peel
And that's why

Being with you
Is like playing

And I'm
afraid of what I'll see
Through my fingers

You're so
Kind to me
but will you still be
if you see me?

Because I'm afraid
Because you might
punish me
for feelin how I feel
   I know its strange
Dunno what's real
   So hard to change
I just can't peel
and that's why

I'm still playin this game
This is actually kinda a song I wrote, so apologies if it's a little harder to read haha
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