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dawnie Feb 16
You didn't bring me into this world
And you won't be the reason I leave it
My scars can spin a different narrative
But hell’s a place and I’ve seen it
I’ve felt its delicate ringlets around my broken fingers
But you have to believe I didn't feed it
In fact I witnessed the worst parts of Satan's charm
And you have to see that I beat it
Before it could take my sister and brothers away
dawnie Nov 2020
Whatever it was
My body is dismembering itself trying to find it
If it ever existed at all
My personality mere shreds of a mind that once hosted the sporadic and filthy stages of grand plays all delicately directed behind a purposefully sheer curtin begging for tomfooler-esque low lifes to stop by for a show

I've never craved the feeling of decency but the ecstasy of pain and the cold dehumanization I thrived for so dearly seems now more a chaotic choice in paths than an exploitation of the weaknesses around me

I'd be just as happy baking to death in the desserts of an unhappy trip with no sober grip on reality
As I would be living happily ever after in a tastefully decorated house with realities despotic grip on me

But the choice is yours, not mine.
dawnie Feb 2020
At such a point as that which breathing does not define life of an entity
At such a point as that which heart does not define living
At such a point as that which soul is irrelevant
At that such point lies the true purgatory: living
dawnie Feb 2020
I never know what to say to you
Words are just so difficult to compose
much harder than music
Especially when said word is love  or
for that matter hate
Because your eyes are a Chopin piece and I am madly in love with you
And the perfect curvature of your smile
I am madly against loving you
You are a masterpiece of pieces
The most valuable art I have ever touched
And yet you stained my fingertips like cheap paint
dawnie Feb 2020
poems are always about you
who are you
Well we see you as the depiction of absolute perfection
we see you as the broken painting
picture perfect
smoke kissing spin the bottle absolutely everything we want to be ours
But who are you
dawnie Nov 2019
I'm fighting
against this wave of "new age artists"
every masterpiece written on napkins crumbled up into poets pockets

I'm fighting
to keep my head above the water
we're all drowning in our tears
we're all just put here to wander
is there a god?
do they like poetry,
do they recite slam in heaven,
is that what causes earthquakes?
am I a real poet
will anyone ever read my work
or will it just go un noticed will my voice ever reach the atmosphere

I'm fighting
to scream louder than the others
to give a voice to the kids who were better at algebra than english
because they don't have the creative capacity to say these things

am I a real poet
dawnie Nov 2019
she doesn't ******* love you

what can she give you that I can't

every time we hang out she's there
and I can't get the thought out of my head

that we'd be so much better
you and I

we used to take on world and make each other laugh until we cried

what happened to that?

she doesn't understand your humor
it's getting cold again,
you know,
I left my ex for you once but you got with her and I had to beg him to take me back

what's that about?
you led me on

in the back seat of your car
your jacket off and your heat on
and we just


you tried to kiss me once
then we stopped talking because she practically begged you for your love

you're not happy now.
you're proving a point

it's not days in between our conversations anymore it's months
I haven't seen you in forever
but every time I do I can tell that little ***** is draining the life out of you you look haunted

and you look tired.

and I'm sick of it.

I talk to everybody and they agree with me you know
I thought it was just jealousy

but it isn't
everyone sees it
I heard her talking **** about you
and she admitted to me that she gets jealous of our relationship and I asked her what that means because you and me

we don't talk

she kept asking me why
I ignored her and she kept asking me why

I ******* hate her.

I'm not saying you should have dated me from the start or whatever
but did it have to be gobinet
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