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Marv Long May 2017
Your eyes finally open,
As I hold you in my arms.
And just by looking at you,
I know I hold you in my heart.

Your body is so small,
Your nose, your fingers, your ears.
And my love only grows larger,
When your voice is all I hear.

My precious baby,
I'll make sure to love you.
My love will never weaken,
This will always be true.

I'll keep you happy,
I'll keep you safe.
No matter what.
You'll be okay.

These are my words.
They will stay the same.
I've promised you my love,
Now I must give you a name.
Also one of my favorites.
Marv Long May 2017
She's made up of lies.
There's nothing else to say.
There's always the truth.
Though that's a game she won't play.

Deception and trickery,
Is her occupation.
Something so powerful,
She could fool a whole nation.

Now she's ran out of tricks.
All her lies have been said.
There's nothing to say,
As she lay on her death bed.
One of my favorite poems.
Marv Long Apr 2017
You left me standing alone,
At the bottom of this abyss.
Knowing the dark for too long,
It's light I'm starting to miss.

I crawl my way back up,
A glimpse of light I see.
And soon I set my sights on hope,
A hope of being free.
Marv Long Apr 2017
Why have you left me?
I gave you my heart to keep.
You took it with you.

My heart is gone forever.
Sadly, you are too.
Tell me, why have you left me?
Haiku (5-7-5, 7-5-7) They are my favorite.
Marv Long Apr 2017
Her dress was lovely.
A cloth of pure white.
A dress just for her.
What a beautiful sight.

But as the music began,
Her smile faltered.
He won't ever see her dress,
Cause he's not at the alter.
Marv Long Apr 2017
Darkness, lighten up.

Insomnia, dream.

Sky, cry tears of joy.

But they tell me no.
Marv Long Apr 2017
You carried me;
When I could do no more.
You gave me a smile,
With the love that you poured.

Mother of mine.

You held my hand,
Through thick and thin.
And took me to places,
I've never been.

Mother of mine.

Even with,
The world on your shoulders.
You'll always be there,
As I get older.

Mother of mine.

Even after you pass,
You'll watch over me.
You've taught me well.
And now I can be,

A mother like mine.

— The End —