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Osifeso Abiodun Jan 2019
Some one to call a friend
I called you a friend
The first time I saw you
I saw smoking cloud
I should have known right then
You were digging my grave
But I was deceive by your heavenly smile

A friend
I told you my secret
You uncover me up
You saw my progress

A friend
Should I call you my enemy?
Should I call you my friend?
Or what should i call you?
Fraudulently, humbug
impostor, mountebank

My Eccedentesiast
Osifeso Abiodun Jan 2019
So bright so beautiful
And Colourful
That eye that kept everyone talking
Just want to know the painter
What colour is it?
Should i say green
Know it lemon
You got it wrong
Emerald,Pear or shamrock

The colour has a gloss 
I can watch it all day long
I wish I got one
In your eye
I can see fresh watery
Lemon Grass
I can see exuberant
Tell me what make it so prepossessing
Osifeso Abiodun Jan 2019
Have found love
Have found a lover
Love is Anywhere
Love at the hospital
Waiting for the doctors report
Facing each other bed to bed
Love is not what you plan or you predict
It just come and sometimes it germinate like plant
Sometimes love drives you crazy
Am in an ocean of love
Let me sink

Have found love
Where is the perfect place to find love?
I don't care where love drive me to
Just drive me safe
Take me away from troubles
Take me away from pains
Just a moment with my lover
I forgot am in an hospital
On a sickbed
I forgot I got cancer

Kiss my forehead
I promise never to shower it away
I want to feel like a baby
when am with you

The best way to be in love
is love
loving you back
I feel know regret
I feel know sadness
I want a silent moment with my lover
Know talking
Know thinking
Just you and i
Wrap you arms around me
I only wish for one thing before I am gone
Just stay with me
Hold my hands
And promise never to cry
Please promise
Osifeso Abiodun Jan 2019
Do you feel what feel?
Do you hear what I hear?
You woke up one morning
Sun smiling at you
The atmosphere was what you desire most
But inside you was blank
Sad,moody and unhappy
All you can feel was hatred

You took a walk to the street
To clear of your empty head
At some point you sat down to think what wrong with you

You can't tell or explain what the hell is wrong with you
Everything was perfect
The late night ***
The good morning coffee
But something since different
Osifeso Abiodun Jan 2019
I woke up this morning
joyfully happily
The only though that runs through
My mind is you

Let be naught
Let get drunk and play stupid
Let feel the intoxication
No communication
Let screen till both knockoff

Let be naught
I wanna do everything with you
The **** of love is burning down my throat
******* off
Pant off
boxer off
and braless
Let be naught serious for once
It feels good
Osifeso Abiodun Jan 2019
Before I died
I wanna go to the bar and drink beers with
My hommies
I don't wanna die a ******
I wanna see my grandchildren
I wanna know the exact day am going to die
The code dress should be white
Or pink
It a funeral not a disaster

The day I died
It would be a sad day
But remember it my funeral not yours
Know crying or long face
Order the best meal in this world
I wanna be buried in a coffin made of gold and diamond
Don't forget to bury me with my favourite clothe
Italian wine
And a silver cup

After I die
Wake me up with fresh rose
Clean my buried ground
Don't forget
how good I am to the world
if am not
Just pretend I am

This world keep blending
The young died
And the old pass away
It a blended world
Osifeso Abiodun Jan 2019
Let fold arms
And stare at each other
Or let tell the truth with arms
Dead is a good thing
Dead is  wonderful
Dead is compulsory
Dead is universe
Dead is painful
But the other hand is a good thing
Dead make's us strong
Tell me why is dead wicked?
We all pray for someone to die
Sometimes dead gives us a reason to smile
Dead is acceptable
Dead is a challenge
Dead is a challenge
Dead is the reason why we live again
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