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1.6k · Aug 2014
John Prowse Aug 2014
I am lying perfectly still
But the ripples of my heart beat
Lap softly against the small head
Of my daughter
Nestled under my arm
Fast asleep.
For Amelia
John Prowse © 2014
792 · Dec 2014
Why? Love.
John Prowse Dec 2014
Why should I come to you,
With my heart in my hands,
Only for you to take it from me,
And pull on my heart strings,
Making me,
A puppet of love.

Why should I look to you,
To see your face,
Only for you to turn it from me,
Your beauty is so intense,
Making me,
A sucker for love.

Why should I call to you,
And give you my name,
Only for you to throw it at me,
Like a weapon of war,
Making me,
A casualty of love.

Why do I love you,
With all of my heart?
John Prowse © 2014
290 · Sep 2014
John Prowse Sep 2014
Long day
And I'm broken
Into small tired pieces of a person
Until I see you
And all those broken pieces
Melt together
As I walk through the door
Into your heart
And I'm home.
For my wife
John Prowse © 2014
125 · Apr 2018
John Prowse Apr 2018
I am a green boy,
At heart;

Fingers, thumbs and eyes
Filled with sky
Grass in my toes
Dirt in my nails
Bees in my hair.

The skin of my palms
Aching from toil
But more alive
With every windswept
Day outdoors.

In the elements
Water courses
Capillaries filled up
Eyes bright with
The promise of morning.

Drawn out,
Into the bracing cold
Dark pressing silence
Waiting, baited
Inevitable sawing breath
At arm's length.

Betraying those timid
Wanderers in the night
Ever watchful
Budding sprigs
Building resistance.

Deeper than they know
Bark thickens
Broadening canopy
Heavy white mycelium
Ligninated heartwood.


John Prowse © 2018
115 · Sep 2018
John Prowse Sep 2018
You will never know
How happy
Your laughter makes me.
For my girls
John Prowse © 2018

— The End —