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Manboipoet Jan 2021
Mildy distracted by the same song on repeat
I allow the notes to carry me through the day
Whilst I’m chasing sunsets in my head
My feet are planted firmly in reality
I wonder which side of me will reign supreme today
A tug of war between both
But when I look in the mirror
My adversary is always myself
The choice to compete was mine all along
But the moment they unify
That’s when the magic occurs.
Manboipoet Jun 2020
Spontaneous interactions I chase,
My easily distracted mind you somehow manage to engage,
On a physical yet soulful level,
Revelling in those moments I wish were everlasting,
My heart beating to the frequency of your vibration,
Lost in your eyes and lost in translation,
Transcending time I’m patiently waiting,
To find out the history of the mysteries about yourself,
What lies beneath those beautiful curls,
Your fears your dreams and everything in between,
Parce que j’aime ta facon de penser,
Et mon francais est minimal,
But my lips need not move to communicate with you,
I am intrigued although I try being discreet,
If you look close enough,
I let my eyes do the talking.
Inspired by this girl I met and also the movie Before Sunrise
Manboipoet Jun 2020
What could be
What should be
What already is
What is yet to be
Too many questions
Not enough answers
But either way
I'll figure it out.
Just a handful of questions that passed through my mind today
Manboipoet Jun 2020
It’s 4am
What do you expect?
Like it’s a regular occurrence
Shades of orange and baby blue
Paint a pretty picture in the sky
The birds already chirping
My mind still wandering
What’s on the horizon today?
Manboipoet May 2020
You plucked
the words,
So effortlessly
from my mind,
Words I didn’t
even know
were there.
Inspired by:
When you read something that you really relate to and it paints a bigger picture than how you think about it, except you weren’t able to get the words onto paper, but you no longer need to because someone else has done it for you.
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