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You told me that you had my back,
And I thought that was true,
Now my shadow's still behind me,
but where on earth are you?
The woods are lovely,
       and deep.
but i have promises to keep.
miles... to go..
before... I can possibly.. s  l   e   e   p...
I cant sleep.

"We would be together
and have our books
and at night
be warm in bed together
with the windows open
and the stars bright."
You think I'm happy because I'm smiling,
But it's the easiest thing to do,
if you had looked a little closer,
you'd find my eye's aren't smiling too.
Don't ever think you're alone here,
We've just been trapped in different hells,
And people aren't against you dear,
They're just all for themselves.
Perhaps you ache for freedom
For the blue that's in your eye,
was given as a present
From the fabric of the sky,
And when you're gazing skywards
It's no wonder that you yearn,
When part of what you're made of
Always wishes to return
Meet me
where the end begins,
in echos,
where your world is me,
and my world is you
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