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Marshall Messi Jul 2022
What is property
Is love property?
It is anarchy
Do we trust anarchy?
Do we really trust love?
Love is anarchy.

A bond bound in anarchy
There is no cheating in anarchy
For there is no property
What is love?
It lives outside of law
It lives outside of tradition
It is not PROPERTY!
Love is that moment.
You can’t define it
You don’t know it
It happens…it’s gone!
Love is not defined by time
Love is…
Love is…
Now and never again the same

Do not hold love
Do not love love
Love is four letters
Love does not exist
2 bodies is not love
Love is not exaltation
Love is not infinite
Love is here
Love is now
Love is gone
Do not find love
Love does not need you
Love is now
Love is gone
Love is now
Love is gone
Love is…
Love lives beyond us.
Just embrace
Marshall Messi Jul 2022
Love has wasted my time
Partnership has strengthened me
I don’t think I’ve seen Love
I have seen a beautiful partner
Someone to make me stronger
Redefined happy
To convolute love
To self and us
And make love constitute us.
Marshall Messi Jul 2021
Life is puzzle made of pieces all touching one another and the pieces, though multitudes, individually are minuscule. we have happy touching sad, and sorrow touching joy, anger interlocking contentment and fear with unstoppable courage. But at the edges, the edges touch nothingness. And if you stand back you can see the picture of a life full of emotion and a beautiful complex picture of what it means to be human. But if you continue to back away further and further you may find, nothingness. Not even a speck is left if you withdraw far enough. What piece of your puzzle are you on now, I’m sure it’s special.
Marshall Messi Jun 2021
My jaw is too far back
My hair is falling out
Or turning gray
I can’t grow muscles
I’ll just grow a belly
I can’t have ****** hair
I debate if this is mental illness
Can illness be self aware?
Is it an excuse for being me
Without free will,
What is this?

***** that hang from the windowsill
And fall to a vaginal mole hill

You will be what you are

You won’t…

The **** do I know?
Marshall Messi Feb 2021
Losing my hair,
I’ve learned so much,
My head looks weird
And no more wise.
It’s no longer a conquest
But stress for happiness
And philosophical lies
That promise no demise
I’ll miss you hair.
I saw my reflection without a hat
Marshall Messi Sep 2020
“The birth of a poem
Poetry is capturing a scene, an event, or a deed with your eyes,
Processing it in your mind and feeling it in your heart, it’s letting go and expressing it with your words.

Hussein Dekmak


Marshall Messi Sep 2020
I write this poem to the rhythm of my heart.
I have heart arrhythmia, so call it free form.
This poem is free form like the dancing of a soul.
Made up and pointless. Nothing beautiful to mourn.
We are The temperature of air and floating as unborn.
The idea is that we don’t and the dream is as afloat
We write this poem together to the rhythms of our farts
Cheers to my heart
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