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Marshall Messi Dec 2018
You are like summer, hot.
You are like pizza, good.
You are like candy, sweet.
You are like similes, easy.
Marshall Messi Nov 2018
The bruise of being held to long
It isn’t blunt trauma
It’s persistent, it’s firm
And the release feels good
The memory...
It lingers on
Marshall Messi Nov 2018
Do not fear death,
You’ll never remember it.

It doesn’t exist for you.
We are all memories, if a moment is never remembered is it a moment at all?
Marshall Messi Oct 2018
I promise I promise I promise
I’ll never be this mad again
My life is not long
And my heart is too small
To care about you or
To answer your call
The future compound
The hurt you’ve found
In love inflated by lies
And my self compromised
And a poem written too long.
Until it loses form and means nothing at all
Marshall Messi Jun 2018
When did you realize you would die in a car accident?
When did you realize cancer had won the battle?
When did you realize gun shot wounds don’t heal?
When did you realize heart attacks were against you?
When did you realize everyone around you would miss you?
When did you realize death was real and it was on you?
When did you realize reality isn’t real without you?
When did you realize nothing felt real without you?
When did you realize that it doesn’t feel real to me
Why can’t I realize that death and life without real?
Marshall Messi Jun 2018
The spiders have found the spot on your back you can’t reach
They grew into that monkey you can’t shake
But then you find The one.
There is she to identify that monkey
they all demand that piggyback ride your lower back can’t support
You thrash to frantic scramble then call them your own
We are a unit, let’s call it a family
We are now uncomfortable in our comfortability
Let’s call it love, call it what we know
Duct tape it together and say it’s fixed
Let’s call it love out of fear of the unknown
Smile for the photo, smile out of fear
Ham wasn’t happy, but we all saw his teeth.
Marshall Messi Jun 2018
This isn’t my real name
This is my game
To write honest lines
But never confess to my crimes
Because they always watch
Your notebook is unlocked
You have no privacy
No way to unleash
Stalin would cream
At America’s “safe” Dream.

-thanks Bush
Capitalism is key!
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