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Even The Devil Reads The Bible-
To Study His Opponents Habits.
Should I hide in shade
Since my shade is a shade too dark
To be considered presentable in the light
Of the “Upper Class”
Even though their standards
Are Low to begin with,
Should I dance for Masters
To eventually be presented with one
To what Degree should i lose myself
In order to fit into a society that can’t
Even fit my color scheme in their palettes
Should I bleach my skin,
Though my nose & lips
Might give me away &
Expose the ancestry in my DNA
To what extent should I shame
Those who came before me
Celebrate The 4th of July
But for 28 days still wonder who the hell
Carter Woodson Was,
That might be
shame enough . . .
In Matters Concerning Life,
Being Hungry For
Power, War & Games
Seems To Have Left
My Cup Half Full
Or Perhaps
Half Empty
Nevertheless -
Never Have I Witnessed
The Beauty Of The World
& For That
The Boatman Shall Hear Tales
Of My Regrets . . .
America they speak of you so demonically
America wasn't it you who separated the dark humans from the light?
I lay wake sometimes for no apparent reason watching television
I'm useless in most situations I can't control
******* and you ballistic missiles!
America when will miss Liberty start showing justice for all?
When will you stop hiding the fact
you're not all white ?
When will you stop trying to fit into societies demands ?
When will you acknowledge the fact you are not always right ?
America why are your libraries filled with wove lies?
America when will you help without showcasing your "good deed"?
Your greedy and I'm tired of it
When can i cash my paycheck without it being yours to begin with?
America you do know you and I are a team don't you?
Your produce is too much for me
You make me want to fast like your Christian leader "Jesus"
There has to be a way to come to an agreement
Don't talk to me about College !
Colemon went overseas as a chef I doubt he'll return it'll be sinister,
I refuse to lay rest my poetic passions
America I know what I'm doing stop pushing !
Immigrants should have freedom too
ISIS started in Syria or Iraq or In the CIA
America when are you getting an exterminator?
America when does your spring cleaning begin, when you fall ?
America when will you take off your clothes?
There seems to be a confusion with gender is why i ask
Can you distract me with more propaganda
i seem to have spilled some tea
The white house is back to being the "white" house it's ancestors intended
America I use to be darker as a baby I'm not sorry
I haven't listen to the news in months, everyday someone is murdered
America can we throw away false beliefs and false idols
America can you send me the money printing machines that gets you out of debt ?
I tend to get drunk occasionally and make a fool of myself
My love life comes and goes like the L train
America I haven't told you what pain you've cause my future children
I'm talking to you
Do you really want another war?
Does everyone really want what we have or is it the bipolar opposite ?
Being Black In America
Is A Misdemeanor—

Read That Again,

Let That Sink In
As If It Were A Knee
To A Neck,
Pavement -
Let It Suffocate You
While You Try To Swallow
A Reality Too Coarse To Bare,
& Don't Worry
Justitia's Eyes Are Still Covered
By A Blindfold So She Can
Continue To Pretend
Your White Privilege
Doesn't Exist
But Also
Let It Make You,

Űňçømføřťąbľē . . .
I Sometimes Dance With Šunbeams
Early June Caresses My Toes
With Blades Of Grass—
Sunflowers Tickle My Ankles
As I Walk Through Open Fields
Spinning As The Clouds Above
Dictate Where Ever The
Breeze Pulling Them Takes Me
Tell Me,
How Long Do I Have In Əuphoria
When Is Time
Going To Elude My Finger Tips
Before Too Long
& Before Too Long
That I Am Now One With
The Blades Of Grass
The Sunbeams That Kiss
The Sunflowers
& The Clouds.
The Vibration From Your Energy,
The Abstract Of Colors
Surrounding Your Ora,
Can Fill Every Empty Canvas
On Blank Galleria Walls__

Every Stroke Of You
Creates Art,
Reminiscent Of A Time
Long Before Your Own Creation -
You Live Between Heaven & Hell
Just To Hear Both Sides Of The Story,
You Don't Belong To This World
Eden Suites You Best. . .
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