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Irisa 4d
Letting yourself stay only at the bare minimum
Not having yourself bear the weight of your own expectation
Giving most of you, little by little, piece by piece
After the long run, it seems like you vanish
But actually you spread all over everywhere
Irisa Mar 3
Reality is not the villain
But it is what we always blame
Become real is sure hard
As dream is smooth and easy
That's why the real one last longer
Than the fleeting fantasy
Irisa Mar 3
Whatever you had done
What you left
There's prints
It becomes your past
That you bear all along your life
Irisa Mar 1
Mouth is shut, let it be silence and peace
Listen to the voice that will guide us how we speak
The intonation that you imitate for that is
the basic to get the knowledge that we seek
Irisa Mar 1
If you come to be the reason
Then I will take the excuse
Handling whatever that could happen
For that it is a result I can't refuse
Irisa Feb 22
Still need to pick up this heart
Though it is covered with pain
Stick it back if it falls apart
For tomorrow, I ought to live again
Irisa Feb 22
For that he has nothing to fear
That though he is afraid, he still choose to fulfil the responsibility he bear
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