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Thulani Dec 2020
grown, Rolando's fissure
soaks words.
Most days he lies domant.

unannounced, sulcus scatter
secret codes.
day-to-day his labour unpleasant.

crafty is a snake
wise is a sage
This poem is really about how surprising a brain functions. When you least expects a flood of wisdom flows out of your mouth. Out of the blue we speak words that we didn't even know that we knew.
Thulani Dec 2020
Seeing through me
Sulphur singes the face of foes.
The inferno beneath him leaps
as inside outs on key
and spills an invite to woes
of the hanging Judas who weeps.
The pride he borrowed has broken,
His bottom barren. Ravaged within a burrow
He is cursorily spat.
He is cursorily let
Strengthened and channeled
at heart he is good
A reminiscence of Mary of Magdala
He nourishes as he sustains
to replenish.
Seeing through me
Aquacade ails the face of friends
Seeing me through
                                                                             Thulani A. Luthuli

— The End —