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Lushi May 30
my dreams are
swirling in a
small cup of coffee,

and i am awestruck
by your beauty
when you

i know every
day of my life
from now
i'll be
Listen to the
Eternal Sunshine in a Spotless Mind-01 theme,
You'll understand.
Lushi May 16
I fall down
it's taken, my crown.
Queen on the ground
my eyes wide and round.
Standing's no option
my heart's already on auction.
My gown is tainted
in his lawful hatred.
My throne is gone,
for me, there is no dawn.
He kneels, "are you okay?"
he doesn't know, it is my last day.
"Please, go", I cry
as I convince myself to prevent us
from 'one more try'.
I could never understand
Cruelty of the heart
Even when it loves
So intensely.
Lushi May 6
sunlight pouring in
through pavement planted trees,
my heels clicking on
old cobblestones,
a tiny coffee cup in hand
pinky up,
sugary taste of
baked croissants.

white dress, big hat
i smile,
i see everything with
pure wonder,
that moment
frozen in time.
I've always had a dream to visit Paris in the summer,
and one day, I know it'll come true.
Lushi Apr 23
looking through the netted window
i feel a mosquito biting on my
bare shoulder.

the winds at night have gotten
the air at noon has gotten

i stand wishing
upon my return to the beach;
see the old men fishing
the waves
just out of reach.

quarantine has made me wonder
if i matter to another,
and everytime
the answer
stays the same.
Back at home
I have a beach
only 40 minutes away
by bus.
Lushi Apr 15
my love is
running dry,
watching The OC
makes me cry.
loving couples
boys and girls,
california rich bubbles
charity *****.
i escape
my life remains behind,
as i lose shape
of reality and everything that's kind.
Just some feels I got watching this TV show from long ago, really playing with my quarantined loneliness..but nevertheless entertaining! Stay safe everyone //
Lushi Mar 31
some kisses I save
for me, for you, for my mom's cheek.
some kisses i save
for the one, for the second, for us.
some kisses i save
for rainy days and warm tea and
jerusalem lights.
some kisses i save
hidden, just so I can barely see them.
some kisses I save
in my pocket, for the next time.
some kisses were stolen
by him
from far, far away
just like that.
i miss them
and i could never get them back/
First poem here, still trying this platform. Hello everyone!

— The End —