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You always ask how  I am,
I’m fine, I’m okay.
Do you really want to know about my mutilated story.
Woeful beyond belief,
nowhere to go or be.
Good thing too because I'm not quite healed enough to be so free.
Woe·ful: characterized by, expressive of, or causing sorrow or misery
I love that smell burning from your fingertips.
So enticing.
You’re looking at me like i’m your one and only.
Feeling Vibrations everytime we touch lips.
en·tic·ing: attractive or tempting; alluring
The smile he possesss Softens the pain & diminishes the worry.
Without even knowing the full story.
I swear we’re connected, like Mary and George Bailey.
You’ve saved me.
Mary and George Bailey: It’s a wonderful life.
I’m demoralized.
From all the abysmal men,  
just wanting to scourge
de·mor·al·ized: having lost confidence or hope.
a·bys·mal: extremely bad; appalling.
scourge /skərj/: a person or thing that causes great trouble or suffering

— The End —