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Aug 2021 · 245
B E Cults Aug 2021
the outside world is eldritch,
inside the crib is meanwhile...
meanwhile, inside the crib
I'm hellbent on using the
downtime to drift
through the ceiling.

pulling teeth out of the maw
of an almost perfect night,
I'm getting lost in
talking about my allergies.

ceiling still solid.
Aug 2021 · 179
B E Cults Aug 2021
birds singing on wires
and treelimbs;
the house is burnt to embers.

we never learn,
we won't remember.

smoke shades sky still sadder
than any of us though.

measured worth
in bones littered across
every bit of this rock.

birds singing.
Aug 2021 · 156
B E Cults Aug 2021
                 bored of the
         same old
same old.
all is grist,
I'd call it a grift too.
all of it,
from the womb to the lichgate,
the womb and the lichgate included.

hope is about as high
as a sink full of dishes.
my only relief from anything
comes from staring at stars,
knowing I'll have to
endlessly relive this.
entropy lent at interest.
Aug 2021 · 143
two blunts
B E Cults Aug 2021
far from home,
far from conscious,
a fall from grace
isn't as far from
greatness as
one would

fade to black;

is it though?
I've been renting hopes
like the rest of you.
centrifugal force;
I'm minimum effort
in your pivotal war.
miss me with the *******.
hit the mug with the honey,
[full clip]
that wool slips and let's the light in,
[that isn't funny]
im ******* trying here.
Aug 2021 · 216
growth(it's weird)
B E Cults Aug 2021
you were constellations
I had never glimpsed before.
I'm shivering at your door
like its nothing
because it's nothing.
I'm just lucky as ****
to even be here.
trust me.
it's "keep clear" mostly
if you haven't noticed
not usually the one
at parties at all,
let alone the one
throwing confetti.

throws confetti.
Aug 2021 · 544
all sharps
B E Cults Aug 2021
watch me as I burn,
on my nose,
this candle I've been
balancing on my nose
all night.

call it finesse.

ive been left in the rain,
my "separate" is praying
for rain and a good harvest.

darkness creeps under your
your bedroom door,
reaching for you,
reaching for youth.

I lost that last life.
just saying.
Aug 2021 · 142
B E Cults Aug 2021
the locus of expanded
war or any armistice...

what that actually means
is something I'll probably
walk into like traffic
in the future,
at some point.

I think,
the way your voice
bounces around
your car is one
of God's hiding places.

Aug 2021 · 74
B E Cults Aug 2021
go ahead,
arrogate the treasure's weight.

I'm never late for anything.

changing weather patterns
don't excuse being aloof
on the route to a better "you".

ive putrified between walls
too many ******* times.
never late for anything,



Aug 2021 · 73
just checking
B E Cults Aug 2021
can you be claustrophobic

an ocean between me everyone
just doesn't seem to cut it.

[budget fx-whatever]

my monsters never needed
to be goaded into anything,
they have always been able
to make a show of things
all on their own.
Aug 2021 · 77
splinter cell
B E Cults Aug 2021
skydiving still,
put a comma where
you want.

I'm lauded,
better ask about me.
this is that "ah nah" ****.

ad nauseam.
bats in the belfry.
Aug 2021 · 71
open water
B E Cults Aug 2021
sharks circling,
I'm thinking about
how our desperate pleading
sound to the people
on vacation on the deck
of the passing cruise ship.

does the desolate breeze
make it sound like jazz?
Aug 2021 · 78
B E Cults Aug 2021
blood flow,
gun smoke,

one ghost amongst
an innumerable mass,

we're leasing a room.
Aug 2021 · 78
so so
B E Cults Aug 2021
all of these atoms,
in spite of will.
the paralysis,
a false inability to
alter the world's drift.

it makes me think of
dumbstruck faces pressed
against glass watching
the mechanical function
of collective helplessness.

all of these atoms though.
Aug 2021 · 84
B E Cults Aug 2021
tell us all about it.

this hell was found
to be a stroll
through a park
on a rainy day
by some that may
have been insane.

so who's to say?

the mood is
The Great Wave Off Kanagawa
or Black on Maroon.

the moon is sugar cube
in Earl Grey.
the world waits
for us to fall asleep.
Aug 2021 · 232
B E Cults Aug 2021
stars, stars, stars;
the sobriquet is "heartache".

why give your energy to that,
you ask.
my dark day is a lonely
I'll be fine.
I'm fine.

its all because being present
has always been
hard for me,
head in the clouds,
or searching for clouds,
Aug 2021 · 65
B E Cults Aug 2021
I believe the night was smiling
when I found out your lips
were 4th of July fireworks
on some long-exposure ****.

it's not ****, I mean.
I mean.

I'm chasing shadows, I'm sorry.
Aug 2021 · 60
B E Cults Aug 2021
erasing the outline
of a full moon;
I'm struck with how much
I couldn't give a ****
about this parralel
losing it's whatever
the moon was to it.

Aug 2021 · 422
in the sticks
B E Cults Aug 2021
love for the city.
stuck in the suburbs.
I want to go unlearn
myself in a alleyway
or ten.

spinning tires.
mud is **** and death,
so where does that
leave us?
Aug 2021 · 61
B E Cults Aug 2021
it feels like a sunset
in an orange grove
and a swarm of flies choking
the life out of a raccoon
dying on the side
of the highway.

at the same time,
Aug 2021 · 62
that is all
B E Cults Aug 2021
dying in my dreams.
feeling alive in my dreams.

haven't felt alive in quite a while,
I apologize.
I'm breathing now though.
leaving smiles to linger
a little longer.

I'm a finger on a map away
from getting lost in the ether.
faltering comes natural
to me, I apologize
for that too.
Aug 2021 · 64
B E Cults Aug 2021
I promise I am happy.

   please, validate me.
Aug 2021 · 63
budget bliss
B E Cults Aug 2021
burning alive.
I can turn a kairos
to a sky full of
and back again,
just to miss.
Aug 2021 · 51
B E Cults Aug 2021
white owls in the trees.
it might be the reverse.
this might or might not
have been rehearsed.
lucidly losing things,
it's ******.

it's ******.
[off screen mutiny]
Aug 2021 · 61
B E Cults Aug 2021
blunt burning,
unlearning isnt the only
my "mobbin" is listening
to a faucet dripping.

I'm sovereign after 2am.
Aug 2021 · 134
B E Cults Aug 2021
every line is a brush stroke.
every word is a loose hair
in the paint.
our story isn't even in the
crib yet.


crib death.
Aug 2021 · 61
B E Cults Aug 2021
lost in the wind,
seeds of something.

I've got this hypothesis
on why a threshold
sometimes feels like

baby's breath,
blue roses.

it's real until it isnt.
Aug 2021 · 163
strange hill
B E Cults Aug 2021
knives in the dark,
an avalanche,
not being needed;
we are all boiling
in the same ***.
I have to keep
reminding myself
of that.

[laugh track here]
Aug 2021 · 66
B E Cults Aug 2021
"put all the cash in the bag
and pass it to me all slow-like"

Camille Claudel

this was in my notepad.
for some reason.
just as much of one of
my usual as any of the usual
though, so...
Aug 2021 · 52
B E Cults Aug 2021
you deserve more.

I deserve what I have;
im boarding up my
windows and doors.

subservient to past
patterns of repeating patterns
of repeating patterns.

cats, birds; bloodbath.

got to learn to say
"**** that".

you deserve more.
Aug 2021 · 210
B E Cults Aug 2021
will love lost in unnameable night
be found by some summer eyed
couple stumbling and kissing
through the dark?

or the dogs?

you already know the answer.
Aug 2021 · 78
some bullshit
B E Cults Aug 2021
cauterized wounds,
authors of bright moons
dying at dusk,
the music of the wind
through willow trees,
too much *****;
I think my flaws were
paw prints in fresh snow
on paths I lost long ago.
let go, idiot.
nothing of this comes
from minutes spent wisely.

well maybe not all of it.
Aug 2021 · 61
B E Cults Aug 2021
sun will be up in
less than 4 hours
and I'm still reeling
from how beautiful
her lips looked
from the passenger seat
I watched her talk from.

that was hours ago.

perspectives blur.
Aug 2021 · 73
B E Cults Aug 2021
like I said,
I'm the ******* bedrock.
Aug 2021 · 56
B E Cults Aug 2021
I got lost with the lotus eaters
for a while and I'm real
******* sorry about
missing all of those
moments I could have
taken for granted.

I don't take anything
for granted anymore.

not a thing.
have I said I love you today?
Aug 2021 · 60
B E Cults Aug 2021
these mouths between us,
the space too,
a maw if you will;
I'm trying my best
not to fall into all
of it.

I don't want to watch
you disappear.
Aug 2021 · 89
kaiju 9+27
B E Cults Aug 2021
it's eased by the sun
beaming through the
blinds after dreaming
of falling in love
with green eyed girl,
I don't remember
anymore than that.
Aug 2021 · 68
hum drum
B E Cults Aug 2021
I really don't know
what you want from me.

all of my close friends
are dead now
and I don't want to know
if that pattern will continue.

head down on the desk.
Aug 2021 · 78
B E Cults Aug 2021
scatter like opossums
caught in the headlights.

I didn't use that right.
the reason:
because I wanted to draw attention
to the fact that being mesmerized
by eminent death is akin
to being caught in some
cosmic trap.

I bring this up
and by "bring this up"
I mean to say it's all pervasive.

"save us" written in
what seems like driftwood.
Aug 2021 · 332
B E Cults Aug 2021
somewhere between
guilt and spilling the milk,
I'm coming undone.

sun is high,
blood in my eyes,
might as well be twilight.

the zeitgeist even
knifed itself.

hell is sold cheap
these days;
tide is high tonight.
Aug 2021 · 61
Many Worlds
B E Cults Aug 2021
what's the quick and *****
on this whole
"I keep waking up" ****?

I mean,
everytime ive taken a bite
of the proverbial dust
I wake up like it
was just a dream.

[vida es muerte es...]

tell it to me in binary code
so it takes as long as it can.
ive been alone for too long.

I apologize for how pathetic
that sounds.
Aug 2021 · 168
brutalist 18
B E Cults Aug 2021
and he will bear it
like a curse,
like an orchard on fire
in the face of a harsh winter,
like dinner with her parents;
I'm withering on the vine.

I'm withering away,
it's fine.

it's apparent to nobody
but me.

the wine was nice though.
Aug 2021 · 77
crows and cell towers
B E Cults Aug 2021
warming water for my coffee,
I'm unraveling in the loftiest
of towers.
I'm the author of what's stopping me.
I'm hours turning to a century.
honor me by way of lead pipe
and spray paint;
dead is dying, it's an age thing.
it was meant to be.

I think.
Aug 2021 · 81
kaiju 6
B E Cults Aug 2021
my head's in covers.
the daytime is enemy.
outlast it, please. please. please.
Aug 2021 · 112
brutalist 27
B E Cults Aug 2021
stalking in the shadow
of the castle wall,
I act involved,
I'm actually a
couple moons away.
whose to say when the walls will break.

hastily escapist,
I'm waylaid by the weight
of the shape of it all.

absolve me, please.

I'll be waiting in the shade
of that willow outside that
window that I'll never again
watch a sunset through.

I'm used to it.
Aug 2021 · 72
kaiju 5
B E Cults Aug 2021
there is only now.
"duh" the void says with the voice
of my dead mother.
Aug 2021 · 275
kaiju 4
B E Cults Aug 2021
spinning faster now,
this is spiraling now, so
where is the drain now?
Aug 2021 · 64
kaiju 3
B E Cults Aug 2021
I am all things, life.
the night sky knows me by [blank].
spinning, spinning slow.
Aug 2021 · 74
kaiju 2
B E Cults Aug 2021
seen this more than sky.
the sky now, this life, I mean.
I am all things, dead.
Aug 2021 · 91
kaiju 1
B E Cults Aug 2021
some wind whispers "please, live".
the wind is just reacting
to the sun. I'll live.
Jul 2021 · 66
B E Cults Jul 2021
plot twist:
the plot wasnt
ever dropped.

chunks of an ice cap
taking the plunge
into the frigid water
of the Arctic ocean
is picked up
by a microphone
off the coast
Papua New Guinea.

it's all connected.
it's all a lesson.

ive learned it
more times than
I could count.
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