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Little Wyoming Mar 2019
You should know
I loved you, like genuinely loved you
Getting ready for my day
I’d think about you
Would he notice my outfit
My hair or makeup
Would he know it was for him
I don’t know if you ever did
But doing so made me feel good
I’d walk with confidence I thought I’d lost
I never thought I’d be with someone like you
But in your arms that negativity was gone
No more did I doubt myself
In those moments I was loved
That’s all that mattered
You’d make me feel **** with every touch
Because of you I’d start to better myself
I’d start to love myself
I’d lie awake thinking of you
Dreaming of you and me
Sleeping so cozy and warm
No more did I feel love was impossible
Throughout our time
I never truly knew your feelings
Looking back I don’t know if I ever want to
Loving you allowed me to grow
To be a better me
Thank you for letting me love you
Little Wyoming Oct 2018
A goal of which many allow success
For me even as it is written it’s hard to say
Expanding the tree fulfilled it
Another certificate place on the shelf
Although this time hung with shame
A name once spoke with honors
Presently brought doubt

From this moment forward she would make it her mission to never disappoint another person

Again her foot would slip
Her grip would quickly tighten preventing the fall
Their totem she would climb
Terrors of their thoughts kept her moving
Another life brought into the world
Now there were sisters
And again she would climb
Being whatever she needed to make the world happy
Overtime while focusing on everyone else she’d lose herself
Soon she’d start to replace one heartache for another
That was just how hard she loved
It blinds until it breaks her
Then she’s left to carry the pieces

As she looks up at the endless journey she prays one day she will live in happiness

The totem she climbs to be there for everyone else will bring her love

This is her mantra as she pushes through her hidden pain
Little Wyoming Sep 2018
I want to be able to write something
To express myself
I want you to get a sense of who I am
The real me

The real me ha
I don’t even know who I am sometimes
Who I want to be
Maybe I am both
Maybe there are three
Who I used to be
What I think I am
And her
What I aspire to be
We all live together
Sharing a mind
Our memories, dreams and ambitions
Coexisting within one body
For they are me
The child with many tales
A single mother still learning to be an adult
And there she sits coffee cup in hand
She smiles as she hears her kids laughing
Every tear that was shed
The sweat she wiped off her brow
And sleepless night fade way
For we are me
Little Wyoming Sep 2018
I love with everything I am
I give more than I can
I’ll take my last dollar and tie it with a bow
These are things you’ll never know
You’ll miss my smile
Try to come back for a while
You’ll forget why you passed
As I take another sip from my glass
Remember that flutter
This time I didn’t stutter
Next time I will come first
No more will it be rehearsed
To love more than ever before
To show you what you once adored
This is the me
You didn’t chose to see
Little Wyoming Sep 2018
My heart aches
When she makes you smile
Don’t mistake
I’ve known for a while
We have a certain bond
As highways blend
Then roads get paved
True feelings saved
It’s fun for now
While I hide my brow
Pretend it’s real
So I don’t have to feel
I’ll close the blinds
To be in the moment
Try to ease my mind
No matter what she is my opponent
Little Wyoming May 2018
Promise to love with a
Country Heart
Fulfill me with
R&B Sensation
Be there as my
Rap Defender
Guide me with your
Gospel Soul
Let them know our
Hip Hop Hype
While we live life
Rock and Roll
Lets push play and never let go
Little Wyoming May 2018
I’ve eaten the apple and here I lie
Take me away into the night sky
Awake me from my deepened sleep
For Neverland we shall keep
Come climb my tower and set me free
No more a maiden do I wish to be
I’ve pricked my finger for just one kiss
Come slay the dragon without a miss
My hair flows long within the night
Place the slipper to fit just right
Down the isle I will walk
Our Love is beyond the clock
The guest will greet with cups in hand
I’ve seen the beast and love the man
The curse is lifted and here I speak
No more do my legs feel weak
We’ll ride the carpet beyond the breeze
To live our life above the seas
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