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Gregory Dun Aer Feb 2020
Maybe it's the fact that you're there and I'm here.
Maybe the year hasn't been too kind on my heart,
or maybe I'm hoping we could start again.
Pick off from where we last left,
as if we walked back into an old video game,
we would revisit.
I miss it. The arguments, the tension, the kisses,
the ever so loving way you kept the memories we shared.
The kisses we missed are the ones that break my heart.
People tell me not to look back, there's no future in the past.
I've outlasted loneliness for too long is what i tell them.
Because it is not often, that people get to meet.....You.
A poem about N@M00N
Gregory Dun Aer Feb 2020
I don't know where to begin,
last time I looked you were here.
Now near feels so far and
the stars seem so dull.
I let myself push and pull
for way too long,
left my heart available,
just for you to break.
Now I watch it all melt away,
our love...
like Ice in my hand.
But surely.
I miss you N×moon M××issen. You probably think I'm a horrible person with the horrible things you've heard. I guess words will be what destroys me, as the way it created me. I did love you...But you wouldn't know that now. Everyday I think of how my life will turn out and it doesn't seem good unless you're in it. It's been 3 months.....And I'm stuck thinking of you.
Gregory Dun Aer Apr 2019
We played our childish game of seven minutes in heaven,
when I knew very well that I should have gone to hell.
We played an endless game of  nicky nicky nine doors,
because the floors were lava and we had no where else to go.
Too little hiding and too little seeking to find what we wanted,
or to even run away from what we truly honoured.
We played games like children playing breaking bricks,
trying to break traditions set by parents from years earlier.
We chose to play a 'til we die' game called arranged marriage,
because operation made for a better game than abortion,
and it's all distorted marketing; trying to sell parkinsons-
to veterans with medicine prices sky rocketing.
We lived in a time where playing cops and robbers
meant playing tax offices trying to honour tax on coffins.
Take the heinous nature of human and discount it forward,
we are not all as evil as we seem, but we still play jump rope
with the sensitive lines hidden behind media's eyes,
we play jump rope with politics because it was always fun-
to lunge up the ladder in a game of snakes and ladders.
We all played at monogamy like it was a game of monopoly,
constantly competing for marriage like it was Mayfair on the board.
We've boarded on a train of imagination with fetishes and kinks,
trying to rethink what the ordinary could never provide,
and I admit, i lost in the game called tinder but I don't lose sleep
knowing I haven't matched with someone who swiped right.
We built campfire out of torches because there's still a light
in the horse **** we go through on a daily basis,
and we hold our tragic faces trying to compete with the sob stories
of modern day Romeo and juliet's because what's best is beyond us.
So I tire of playing Simon Says when I know quite well that
we play duck duck goose with bullets and guns hoping the fun
doesn't reach us too soon because there's still some fun in funeral.
We played our childish game of seven minutes in heaven,
when I knew very well that I should have gone to hell.
Gregory Dun Aer Apr 2019
The camera is focused on me, one second dramas all around,
spotlight bounded but not an eternal glory to suffer from,
suffering on with a struggling song in the ambience,
but the spotlight dies down, faded to black, the focus is gone,
the lenses have vanished and lost in three two one.
The spotlight points to centre stage, you're afraid that it's you-
but you look across and it's someone else, not a mirror image,
not even a mimic, this is your finish. The crows are cheering,
chanting but steering away from your name,
and you wear the stain of their success; the fans are gone,
the ambient struggling song, is a party tune; dedicated elsewhere.
You look around- you are no longer the main character,
you are just an extra, walking along...

The scene closes, you are just staring at the cameras;
directed away from you.
Gregory Dun Aer Apr 2019
I'm an impractical ******,
that means I'm not even practicing,
and by that I mean- life ***** me constant.
I take it like it is part of my medicine,
one mess I'm in to the next mess again,
this aspirin inspires me to live,
telling me the world has a God
and the man subtly looks at me
slowly gesturing a nod;
I'm an impractical ******,
by birth, by blood, it's constant.
Gregory Dun Aer Apr 2019
There's a sinking feeling in my chest,
I'm guessing it's stress but it's present,
I feel forever less than what I've felt before,
maybe the door to what I feel is locked.
There's a sinking feeling in my chest,
bless my little heart for thinking
I'm one rest away from becoming stronger.
So I no longer hold my head down,
I hold it sideways, thinking Friday,
of six months ago was the last day,
that I was happy.

I've lost purposes, senseless hurt-
I bear into my mind,
maybe I'll find what I'm looking for,
when I look beyond the door of my best friend.
Let the candle wax and wane,
as I find fire within the pain-
and enkindle warmth from nothing.
Gregory Dun Aer Mar 2019
Say you'll see me again,
even if it's just in dreams,
fill me in for when you do,
because I'm missing you.

Say there's another time,
that we'll cross paths,
even if it's in darkness,
even if we're not partners.

Make my heart skip a beat,
because that's what it does-
So say you'll see me again,
even if you just want revenge.

I miss the girl who lit my world,
I miss you Megan, so much,
please say you'll see me again,
even if none of it makes sense.

Maybe this pain I'm feeling,
Is the healing realisation
I so desperately need to learn
because there is no love without loss.
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