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Derrick Sep 2020
What does it mean to see a door if i don't wake can i crack it more to peek bright light within. Step through and see trees so tall and waters clear. Each little pool an ocean. rivers bubbling down over rocks in little whirls. Roots so deep they are in another world.  Soft sand between my toes and mystery ahead. I shouldn't speak of what I see for its for the dead.
Derrick Apr 2020
Fell to pieces today.

As I picked them up and put them back

I realized they werent exact

Some were me some were you.

Rough edges and corners broken

A mimic of me with little holes, every piece a token

Secrets unspoken, sacred truths and the path I've chosen.

You told me holes are where the light shines through

Colors that paint us are there for all if you let the light shine to see.

Nothing is quite as beautiful as you painted in me
Derrick Mar 2020
Let the music play and steal my soul away

Let's have one more day, with the snow and rain

No place to go every reason to stay.

Steal away with me, let's play and laugh

At a world gone mad.
Derrick Mar 2020
My mind so clouded

Words broken and missing.

Time ticking and clicking

Lost at sea, no breeze lifting my sail

Found my sun is on the other side of hell

Breach my soul on the rocks of her siren song.

Filling my heart to stop the beating

My words are missing

Not expressing how i feel.
Derrick Mar 2020
Ring around the town pocket full of hand wash

No tp to be found. People are fuckng clowns.

Funny memes and daydreams the only thing found.

Let's fall down and forget this virus town.
Derrick Mar 2020
Poetry is chaos of thought

Distilled into fine liquor

Or cheap wine.

Drink both

Feel fine
Derrick Mar 2020
Anger, frustration the taste of violence

Scratches blood bone and silence

Hell's eyes burning bright

Damage done bought and payed tonight.

Feels good feels bad I'm alive.

Tip your cup up let's have a fight.
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