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Zizaloom Oct 2022
Buried under thousand grounds
Flagellated on earth wounds
Holds deep inside it’s one moon
Baby bounds

Waves and tides, waves and tides
Sit on a the sands of a beach

Cycles of terror
Marginalizes the hour
Paper cards and stones
Blue, green, white like bones

One circle to round the mind
Look around and find
A scar

At the end the wind
Carries the soul
To the shade of the trees
And goes beneath to find
It’s root it’s eternity
Lusting creeping inside
A flavored dynamite child
The sun rises and time catches
The spinning of 365
Like eyes
In their orbits
We die
This planet peels the void
Our madness rottens it’s core
But we come from soil
And at the end
In wrath we boil
Mother swallow us
With a blowing breeze
Zizaloom May 2019
Loneliness leaves bread crumbs along
The trail
Careless slack skin
Bells on strings
We beggars spilling soft glossy eyes
Palms of grime
Pierced by silver coins
Gold memories tossed by the blind
Fall in droplets on our toes
Could only pick them up
By bending
Beings in repentance
Cupping the sulfur
Wrath wrapped into madness
Selling our flesh to the freedom of our souls
Skinless boneless nerveless
Tenderness still leaks
In vain
While fluttering moths
Die in a halo
Graceful rituals
Covering darkness with darkness
And sorrow still blooms
Seated in the seeds of vulnerability
To the slight sight
Of undeniable truth
Zizaloom Mar 2019
What have I lost
To grief the death upon your tomb
In friendship with love could we have
correlated apart even before the end
Everything else is masked with foul gestures
What body did you point your finger towards
dust that has landed in our bowels
You spoke and I heard my own voice, cleaned thought
When you said yours I said mine
There was no for you or for me
That is what I captured a little too late
And by separating us from each other
We ****** ourselves with eyes empty
With sweet words
We spluttered on soft grounds
Zizaloom Jan 2019
You cultivate my being in a meadow filled with worms
A fortress of affection
Flimsily dancing with a turbulence
And a haze of power
Sample of distress and dominance
Planting tubes of lies inside nostrils
Often rejected
Spewed truth
******* up by a few contractions
A provocation leading to derision
Kneading with hands of bricks
The extremities are erected in straight lines
The corners rotten angles
I am spinning around in a square of loneliness
The world is flourishing in a sense of prosperity
Preventing a state of realization
Plunging in the shadows of cactuses
They drank my blood and water I drank too
Inhaling peace surrendering
Plate of bitumen layers of silica
Heaviness forms clumps of crow eggs
On the tip of my eyelashes
In the hollows of my memory
I still follow the movement of your shoes
with a sight and clattering rhythm
Your tracks will not be lost
Or covered by a skin of dust
Leaving abandonment
In the tranquility of putrefaction
Under one of your footprints
Where ants stand on crutches
And dirt-scraping sugar cubes
Cover all the rubble
Zizaloom Jan 2019
It is in the similarity and in wonder
Facing our absurdity
That we choose the difference
Or if it is not the difference
A reversal of the way
A divergence
Noticing the futility
A sudden glitch of us in the other
Decision taken
Evolve into something that is not similar
With the change comes a certain sense of
The price of difference to be grasped
At the bottom
The abyss of remorse
There must be an essential gap
It spreads
It is contagious
The joy of living
A spacing so that some might be able
To consider our limpidity
Wanting to be worth something
While disappearing
Past the curtains of misfortune
Most of the time it is just a fly pretending
While landing on one of our knees
Notices us or makes us believe to have
Noticed our presence or absence
Then set behind the horizon
Your hair burns in a bright glare
Losing sight of your sight
Going beyond the highest layer
Of the atmosphere
Where no fruit-fly is allowed to tip
The concavity of their net eyes
There is where
We are finally lost
In a collapse of consciousness
A submergence of bitterness
Understand oneself too much
Aware, beware
And then
It is not abandonment nor despair
It is the inconvenience of weariness
The flatness of nothing
No longer really carrying the importance
Of things on ones back
Since it is absolute blasting
The end of life and radiations
Become dull on the wheel
Always rolling all the way down
From the atrocity of being
At last
Finally dead-alive
Zizaloom Dec 2018
Is  immortality infinite?
For ever stretches till the absolute
Until ever
Is there and end to the never
A strange unknown variable
An absence of probability
Leads to endless possibilities
As long as it is living
It is immortal
Do not know when the culmination stops
When it goes
Cluelessness leading to an abolition
Of fear
Or an accumulation
A big ball crushing
Certainty, a sense of security
When it comes it is the end of us
As flesh and bones
And blood and stones
In the gut
On water and minerals
Our bodies decompose
In death
Energy stands still
Organic matter has it's expiration
Holding on to salvation
Pathetically turning blue
Ears, tongue and toe
Being here somewhere
Never fading or disappearing
Because of the anonymity
The sheer dominance
Of nothingness and vacancy
Condescending into bigger
That might never grow small
Zizaloom Dec 2018
I do not feel that I do not feel anything but rather everything
I extend my arm and loose it throughout desolation, in the rubble of boredom
I am not sure anymore whether I am a member, an exuberant thought
Face the world with frail limbs and get carried away with the wind
The wind itself does not cling anymore
The impression of printing a platonic sensation on the invisible layer of existence
To lurch upon endless paragraphs
Fill oneself with words and redeem unknown memories
To sell them in the moment of freedom
To evacuate the ashes of a past
Which is known, which is not sealed
Behind sewn lips and barbed wire
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