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John Oct 17
laid low by a man
with a right and a left
laid low by a woman
of mercy bereft

laid low by cowardice
at the point of attack
laid low by the memory
that brought it all back

laid low by the grifters
trading in fear
laid low by the sight
of her child in tears

laid low by the taste
of love turned sour
laid low by the knowledge
that this is the hour

laid low by a song
with no rhyme or reason
laid low by a cold wind
in our last season

laid low by false hope
for freedom's breath
laid low by satori
at the moment of death
John Nov 2018
I look to her chair
hoping to see her
looking back at me
pleased to see
that her cat and I
are fast friends.
As always
my pleasure
is only in the
anticipation of
seeing her smile
for she will not be
there again
John Apr 2018
He talks to her,
the old man,
every day
forty or fifty
times a day

She's been gone
two years,
he still talks to her
every day.

Not much in the way of
complex conversations
mostly just
"oh, baby.  *******."
John Mar 2018
As my days
trickle away
they will say
I am mad.

I will say I've
heard your voice again,
seen your face,
laughed with you.
John Mar 2018
I look in the mirror,
into the eyes
of a dying man.
I think of her
doing the same,
standing quietly
in front of the mirror
while she cleans her teeth,
rubs dry the frizzy wisps
of her chemo hair,
wipes her  weeping eyes
with cotton pads
so she can see more clearly
into the eyes
of a dying woman.
John Feb 2018
I dreamt I was falling
tumbling backward in time
I watched as I fell
through my birth
as my essence separated
into its original pair
past Hiroshima and Nagasaki
as the mushroom clouds
shrunk to pinpoints
in metal cases
ten thousand feet
above the cities
as melted flesh reassembled
on the skulls of children
and their mothers.

When I awoke, I was older.
John Aug 2017
A fly was investigating the aromas
of my newly poured Scotch
when he was overcome by the fumes
and fell into the drink.

When I picked up my whisky
the fly was drunkenly struggling
against his predicament.  

I watched until the fly was still,
      pondered my options,
then moved to the kitchen,
poured it all down the drain.

I decided to pour another shot
and wait to be offered
those same options again.
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