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Seven magpies on my window
Whispering amongst themselves
From seven to one
My sorrow wasn't visible to the naked eye
As I was the only who could see my own brokenness
I was the barer of my own sorrow

One year to, two years
But it felt like an internity
What was innocent turned cynical
And what was love turn to your lust and deep desires.
Like a puppet with its puppeteer I followed the way of your ropes

Consent but at the same time none
A choice but also none
Pulled into the sick world in which is your mind
I was an experiment for your curious self
And just like that I lost myself in you

What once was pure is now stained forever
Love is not what I thought it was or could be
For your love is sick and contagious hurting everything you touch
Especially me, my outside appearance shows not the ruins of my insides
But I am the barer of my own pain and sorrow

Written by
Tolani Adeleye

— The End —