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Khawla Frigui Mar 2021
I was pure and angelic
In a world full of satans
But he was alcoholic
And he still had many fans

I was beauty
He was the beast
I was cutie
He was the least

The least of his ex's worries
Because she was crueller than him
A relationship of furies
Is all what attracts men like him

Love *** and communication
That was what he said at that time
I think he must have said that I'm
Man of your hallucination

I will visit you every night
Oh! And without your permission
Only just to enjoy your fright
When I try to fair submission

Beauty and the beast can
Only fall in love in
A place just like Iran
Where you can make that sin

But we're in Tunisia baby
And you cannot dominate me
I mean I can love you maybe
But I will not sit on my knee
Khawla Frigui Mar 2021
I miss ur smell
I miss ur eyes
I wish u're well
I wish u rise
I miss ur  cheeks
I miss ur beard
I wish u treats
I wish u neared
Khawla Frigui Oct 2020
It was maybe at the age of ten
When I had a magical star
Beautiful, unknown, yet so far
Which carried my secrets' n wishes then
Told me to always be there
To listen, understand and be loyal
She embraced me with love'n care
More than anyone did, that's awful
To be understood by a star
More than by human beings
She was able to make fade every scar
That was caused by grievings
"Be patient", that was what she said
"For how long?", that was my reply
"For your wishes to be fulfilled"
And then I've lost her in the sky
Just like I've lost everyone before
When they promised me wonders
And then disappeared and ignore
My soft heart with hundreds
of feelings of sorrow'n pain
Where are you my star?
Can you come back'n explain?
What reason did you cheat on me for?
Please come back to me
You've no idea how lonely I am
I don't want you to love me
Just accept me as I am
We were friends, do you remember?
Don't you believe in friendship anymore?
Please come back before November
That's all what I'm asking you for.
Khawla Frigui Feb 2020
Maybe he was the one
Maybe he was not
At least he was good to me
That's what I thought
Maybe he was my soulmate
Maybe he was not
At least he was a good mate
That's what I felt
Maybe we will be happy together
Maybe we will not
I'll be stuck in maybes forever
Because of mind that I got

A mind that keeps tearing me down
In every relationship
And makes me feel lost in a town
Solely full of gossip
Oh that mind of mine
I wish I can turn it off for a while
So I can feel flying high
Just like flying to the sky

Maybe one day, maybe someday
That's what they always say
I hate hearing that
Cuz m afraid I won't forget
What wounds I caused to him
For I did never love him

I shall never forget
When he cried waterfall
Just the moment that
I decided to move on.
Maybe he will read this
Maybe he will not
I just want to say
I wish he will not
Khawla Frigui Feb 2020
They say everything will be okay,
They say just be happy anyway,
They say you should be thankful,
For the life you've been given,
But this isn't living,
I mean it's so painful,
When you're trying to be strong,
But everything turns wrong,
Liars, hypocrites, they're pathetic,
And things sound so dramatic,
Well, no matter what they say,
I will always find a way,
Cuz no one will care,
No one will ever be there,
For me, you know it's all unfair.

— The End —