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Lakhana Mnyani May 2018
Love is kind
Love is patient
Love is not proud
Love is not rude

Love is beautifully
Love keeps us alive
Love doesn't get easily angered
Love doesn't ask why

Oh i recalled new beginnings of our love
Our first time we met
In the garden of Celebration
Our affection began
We made promises
We left a mark

Atmosphere so cheerful and cloudy
Birds singing so nicely
Sun smilling on us
People passing by, smilling

You shared stories
They were all worth it
Your hushed voice massaged my heart
Like a nice song breaks through my eardrum
Your eyes full of love
Took all my attention

The way you stared at me smilling
Melts my heart
I knew by then you the one
Our eyes connected like a magnet
I wanted to kiss first but was bit shy

Boom out of the blue
You pulled me closer
Our lips met
We kissed
We worry nothing
Was just me and you
Our moment
Our Galocher

Lakhana Mnyani Apr 2018
Gidi gidi
The sound of their dusty feet
Oversized overalls with gumboots
Sweating,anger all over their face
Sore lips, puffy eyes, tremble voices

I watched their action
I heard their shouts
Yelling, grumbling and threatening
''Increase our salary,increase our salary''
They know thy self
They know thy enemy

I heard a thunderous voice shouting
''We should fire them''
Tears rolled down my cheek
Why so easy to put one down
Sifelani isizwe ngenxa yemali?

I heard gunshoots people screaming sadly
Yhoo yhoo yhoo
The scene was like genocide
All run for their lives
But too late to escape the deathline
They were killed like flies
Blood gushed all over the place
Their life flashed with the blink of an eye

Tears rolled like waterfalls down my cheek
Why so easy to **** someone?
What about their loved one?
Griefing,suffering,anger they will have

I fell down unconsiously
Thoughts crooked my mind
Why killed when you save your life from the yoke of slavery
Why killed when you ask for equity

Marikana you drained our power
Kids are now fatherless
Wives are now widows

Lakhana Mnyani Mar 2018
I am a human-being
I breath the same air as you
Ndinegazi ndifani nani

Don't look me and get it wrong
Was not my intentions to live this kind of life
I was pushed down by so-called lovers
They pushed me so hard that i fell down in deep hole

Don't look me and get it wrong
Am tired of living in this hole
My eyes are open but i can't see
The burden on my shoulders drains my power
So hard for me to climb up
Am swallowing like a pig in the mud

Imagine swallowing with an empty stomach
Oh no!
Isn't that an endless game?

Please help me find a way
Help me find a light
I can't take it anymore
Ndingumntu nam
Ndinegazi ndifana nani

Lakhana Mnyani Mar 2018
Am not your friend
Nor your enemy
But that person you need when you lost in the mist
Like a lonely sheep in the field

I abuts the weary lion inside you
Only need your say
Only need your courage
You with me it can roar
Not for you only
But for the whole community

I am the social worker
I direct you to paradise
So you won't get hungry again
So you won't always need me

I make no decision
You make it by yourself
I only guide you to right path

-Lakhana Mnyani
Lakhana Mnyani Mar 2018
Somethings are not to be said
They're better to stay in the heart
Locked-up with master-padlock

Imagine spitting-out awful words
Isn't that show how ***** you are
Somethings are better kept as secret
Buried 6 feet down
Down in the bottom of the heart

Somethings are not to be said
Don't cast words roughly
Assume all got strong hearts
Strong hearts get hurt too

Remember the wheel turns
Your present might be your future
Like yesterday might be your present

-Lakhana Mnyani
Lakhana Mnyani Mar 2018
Have you ever feel so small
Your presence unrecognised
All your praises goes to your twin
You all there useless
Like a sack left on the shelf

Even those you helped
Not recall your presence
Only think of you during pitch-dark days
Everyday everyhour they think about your twin
Isn't that so heartbreaking?

I doubt if ever my heart will feel better
It is ripped into pieces
Its veins fails to pump blood
Ain't having any energy to fight you twin
Will shine when my friend night allows

Oh twin oh twin oh twin
I only need one favour from you
What have you done to get their attention?

-Lakhana M
Lakhana Mnyani Nov 2017
A home filled with warmth and nurturance
Where you don't have to bluff yourself
Because no one judges you

A home full of consolation
With people you can lean on
Through thunders and joyful times

During pitch-dark days
With no direction to move forward
Powerless,misery and mournfulness
Falling down from cloud 9
Their hands always open to catch you
They never wane from your sight

Family is everything

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