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Malcolm Sep 2018
I see the tears flow from your eyes,
as you feel the weight of all their lies,

I see your hair as it too quickly turns grey,
when you worry yourself sick every day,

I see the nights you wander the halls,
when the wall you have built finally falls,

I see you fight for the ones you love,
and constantly search for a reason above,

I see the despair and utter dismay,
when you feel them one by one, turning away,

I see the life slowly slip from you,
as you feel the world rip you in two,

But when all is lost, and you feel there is nothing you can do,
remember I can see you.
Malcolm Sep 2018
You have raised me right, you have done no wrong,
but I have wanted to be free for so long,
living here is like my own personal hell,
and the only way out is well...

Ending my life is not the path I know you would choose,
but this is one argument you will eventually loose,
I will greet death as a long-lost friend,
for he will be the only one to walk me home in the end.

The people around me tell me it is a sin,
how can it be if it is my only way to win?
I am afraid the battle with my own demons has become too much,
there are no more reasons to live, no life for me to clutch.

You are not to blame, it is not your fault,
even as the air in my lungs come to a halt,
as the blade slides, and blood drips down my palm,
remember you still are a good mom.
Malcolm Sep 2018
As I am internally consumed by the monster within,
you see nothing but the smile,
when my body aches with starvation,
you hear nothing but the laugh,

I cry out for help and all you hear is white noise,
I beg for guidance but all I get is static,

As I wage this war against myself,
you see nothing but confidence,
when I watch my world shatter around me,
you hear nothing but positivity

You have taught me it is wrong to lie, cheat, and steal.
but you make it too **** easy to lie to you about how I truly feel.

— The End —