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LM Sep 2023
In life's tapestry, a love story so true,
A woman shines bright, and that's you.
With laughter and love, you light up my day,
In your presence, all worries drift away.

Through mountains and hometown's call,
You're worth more than gold, above all.
In every way, you're my heart's own view,
A remarkable woman, my love for you.
LM Aug 2023
In this world of colors, a soul so bright,
Outgoing, caring, a guiding light.
An artwork of optimism, she stands,
Well-known and cherished across the lands.

Her worth shines through in every rhyme,
A canvas of love, beyond space and time.
A friend adored, a spirit that's true,
Each word and gesture, a tribute to you.
LM Aug 2023
Within her heart's expanse, kindness finds its throne,
A spirit unyielding, through paths both known and unknown.
Beauty in her strength, a star through darkness gleams,
A friend who guides us all, illuminating dreams.
LM Aug 2023
In the realm of life, I find my way,
With every step, a brighter day.
Rooted in love, my family's grace,
I wear my heart upon my face.

With gentle pride, I stand my ground,
A soul with depth, profound and sound.
No cowboy's hat or boots I wear,
Yet strength and love, I proudly bear.

In faded jeans and simple shirts,
I embrace life's twists and turns, assert.
My roots run deep, a cherished part,
In every beat, they guide my heart.

With every stride, I seek my path,
In the present, I find my strength.
A journey unique, a tale to share,
With love for kin, beyond compare.

In every choice and every choice,
I hear my heart, I find my voice.
With family's roots, I'm intertwined,
A legacy, forever bind.

In the story of my life's quest,
I'll wear my truth, be truly blessed.
With love and strength, I'll proudly gleam,
Embracing roots, my cherished theme.
LM Aug 2023
Amidst the love that binds us tight,
A subtle yearning comes to light.
To cherish others as my own,
Yet find a space to be alone.

The bonds we forge, they bring delight,
In caring hearts, my soul takes flight.
But weariness, it finds its way,
When constant giving leads astray.

For though I love, I must admit,
A quiet moment, I'd permit.
To gather strength, to feel anew,
Before embracing all I do.

In finding balance, I'll restore,
The love I give, forevermore.
With open arms and heart so true,
I'll cherish them and cherish you.
LM Jul 2023
In the open fields, she stands apart,
A beauty that shines, a work of art.
With a spirit so warm, she makes hearts care,
A radiance that fills the air.

Her steps grounded, with grace they tread,
A down-to-earth soul, from toe to head.
Her kindness touches lives, it's true,
A friend to cherish, through and through.

An outgoing charm, like sunlit rays,
Her laughter sparkles, brightens days.
In every task, she gives her best,
A hardworking spirit, truly blessed.

One-of-a-kind, a gem untamed,
Her essence unique, forever acclaimed.
With love that's genuine and sure,
In her presence, hearts find a cure.
LM Jun 2023
In a world where shadows softly tread,
Lies a soul, heavy with tears unshed.
Amidst their own sorrow, they faithfully stand,
Extending compassion with an empathetic hand.

Unwanted, their help may often be,
Yet they persist, through pain they see.
In the depths of despair, they choose to stay,
Shouldering burdens in a somber display.

Themes of sadness intertwine and weave,
In their presence, hearts find reprieve.
A melancholic melody they softly play,
Embracing the wounded, come what may.

Their silent strength, a profound embrace,
In sorrow's depths, they find their place.
A reminder that even in the darkest hour,
Compassion holds a healing power.

So let us honor this somber soul's grace,
Their willingness to navigate sorrow's maze.
In their empathy, a bittersweet art,
A beacon of light in the depths of the heart.
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