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  Dec 2014 LL Lupe
Elizabeth Squires
baby baby baby
come dance with me
baby baby baby
come dance with me

we'll carve the floor up
we'll put on all the moves till sunup
we'll show them how it is done
we'll shimmy and Watusi our hot buns
we'll eclipse that old strobe light
we'll be swinging all through the night

baby baby baby
come dance with me
baby baby baby
come dance with me

we'll tear the house down
we'll be the best steppers in town
we'll make a fabulous syncing team
we'll jive on into our Salsa dream
we'll have the joint pulsating hard
we'll nicely calibrate our dance card

baby baby baby
come dance with me
baby baby baby
come dance with me
LL Lupe Dec 2014
So come here pretty baby, take me down slow.
The ring around the rosy, like no one I'v ever known.
Round and round yeah round we shall go.
Colliding collapsing chaotic to the core.

Your pushing me out then I'm pulling me in.
I can't seem to get this verdict off my hand,
Killing me softly, so slow, and at ease.
I just want some real love, something with true meaning
Walk away again, you know I'm fine.
Ill keep telling myself that until the end of time..
So go ahead and leave, so quietly
Your perfect shadow always lingers with me.

I'm on my knees.
Begging please.
LL Lupe Dec 2014
The final deed was done.
Blue eye girl, sweet sweet soul.
Forever gone.

No more runs. No more walks. No more love.
No more. No more?

Flash black of the day we met the day, I said "shes mine" mum
6 wonderful years now mum. She was so pretty mum.
I know you hurt mum. Ill be strong for you mum. I was strong for her to mum.

So cheers to the best but I must lay her to rest.
Forever my albino love.
Run free ZB. She's living the dream.  
In time i'll see my dear friend once more.
LL Lupe Dec 2014
The world is a vast place where people put on a beautiful act which in the end gets them to a place called nowhere.

I will never visit that place. No one will stop me from reaching what you would call "dreams".
LL Lupe Nov 2014
Me, myself, and I with baby Lanor.
Double L trouble lighting bulbs of full force.
Setting out to every god like attraction.
Setting my path down without guilt reaction.
Burn the prize into the eyes they say.
Her eyes of Siren persuade a different way.
Pain, grief, and distress a burden blessed from above.
A curse is the worse when your the only Lupy one.

So down in into fifth, the fifth I must go.
Lets go! Lets go! Before the sun grows too old.

— The End —