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LET Dec 2015
there's this existential feeling I have every time I break my own heart
I fall too fast,
trust too viciously,
feel the heat in a pool of ice
ignore the colored tones at the window

rose oil on my neck
my gradient over your baby blue legs
I let myself go where I thought there was air
but you're much farther than I can think to reach
LET Dec 2015
I want to lay with you and kiss the total surface area of your face
I want the creases in your skin,
the ones between your nose and chin

I can't want you this badly but I do

I want to kiss you and I mean really
kiss you
I want to kiss you like every pore is a differently colored flower petal
tiny, soft, and me wanting to kiss each one

flowers are beautiful but you're incredible and beautiful all at once
LET Dec 2015
I want to halo my hands around your
face in a way that's gentle but just
I want to be touching your face but just the tips
of your soft peach hairs
I want your eyes and mine entwined
I also want to be entwined in you and around you and with you and next to you
seeing you is like seeing everything
for the first time again
seeing you is as close to seeing a star
existing as a real human
you are also moonlike and glowing all the time
I could sit in your glow forever
or at least until 5:54 a.m.
I'll be your sea if you be my moon
LET Dec 2015
everything about you, I want to hold
in my hands
you are probably made of the same
light beams as a sunset
catching light and filling with light and touching things other lights can't quite reach
it's because the beauty omitting from
your shoulders is more than pinkish
evening skies could ever be

my entire encapsulated ******* being is pointing toward you
every aspect of my will
my conscience
my gut and heart above it
wants your light
I haven't stopped wanting, longing for your heart
you told me you loved Biggie
and I fell for you hard
LET Dec 2015
you mean to me
what the moon means to the sea
LET Nov 2015
For Tess,

The daylight hours
pass by
I find no comforts,
no warmth
no person of worthwhile
time spent
And my mind
clicks back to you,
and the way you are
my recluse from the
perilous limits
of life.
Shackled to motherliness,
Womanliness, femininity
We remain under
expectations to be
met some day,
but the thought
unsettles me.

With you,
I have found
what it is I want
With you,
the world’s demands
mean little
to our pairing
With you,
I can see my dreams
and yours, too,
simultaneous and growing,
binding us together
as a gracious

my love for you
is plentiful and bountiful
with care for your
every solace.
No blight shall harm you,
no trace of hate shall
As long as I am there
fighting for your will

- A
LET Nov 2015
To my Alice,

Does my heart
stop its singing ever
for yours?
When I am distant,
I yearn to be
in your orb of light.
your glow
touches, I will
keep safe.

Impressions linger
upon your slender neck
from your crumpled
dress—oh, I wish that
I were that dress!
In our waking moments
mornings unfold
like shaken
white sheets catching
beams of light

My two arms and yours
confused together
but never growing
Fitting into your
petite frame,
I feel safer than
within the confines of
any man
You embrace my
every inch,
no other body
to this I have felt.

Elegance, bliss,
I can feel when we kiss
The way you rise
and greet the day,
if only everyone else
were this way

- T
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