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Kylilin Mar 24
It’s the brushing off of my eyebrow when there’s something stuck to it.
It’s the smile when I crack a corny joke.
It’s ordering me a drink before I realize I need another.
It’s when you know I posted something on social media that’s just for you.
Its my demons that don’t matter to you.
It’s the look in your face and the tremble in your voice when you tell me to come home.
It’s the kiss on your forehead.
It’s sleeping through the night peacefully.
Its me not knowing how I ever got through life before you.
It’s the people who notice us in crowds and are compelled to smile.
It’s love of youth that was lost and then regained.
Its what’s next.
Kylilin Mar 14
I go to work and go to war there.
I sweat and swear and I bleed there.
I dread it and can’t wait to get back to it.
Never stop working.
Never stop fighting.
Never stop learning.
Never stop forging.

I let nothing get in my way.

That’s why I win.
Kylilin Feb 29
We all struggle in our lives in one way or another. We all have setbacks and roadblocks we must overcome.

How we do that is what makes us who we are. Who we do that with...and for, is what makes life worthwhile.

We don’t always get to choose our circumstances, in fact, we rarely do. We make the best of what we have and hope for the best. If we have the strength and the will and the means we can change our circumstances if we are not happy.

We can. Don’t ever think you’re trapped, because you’re not.


All of this is too short to stick ourselves in a place where we are unwelcome or don’t belong. It’s too short to settle for mediocrity and unhappiness.

So fight, if you need to. Rest, if you need it. Most importantly, make your world the way you want it, make it a place where you can be yourself.

Make your world - home.
Kylilin Feb 27
Only thing I’ve ever been good at
Has been getting back up
Kylilin Feb 26
I know I’m broken
But I always hope I can be fixed

I know I’m sad
But I always push myself to be happy

I know there’s nothing ahead
But I always strive to stay on the path

I know I’m alone
But I always try to make friends

I know none of me matters
But I can’t help it
Kylilin Feb 25
We make our words
And we make our stand
We say to those who see
Who we are and what we do and
And why.

And we want you to know
And we want you to hear
And we want you to understand

We love we hurt we cry and laugh
Tears fall and we hope they get picked up

Because we want you to know.

But mostly.
We want to know.
Kylilin Feb 21
The worst part of being alone
Is that there’s no one to share your food with.
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