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Kritika Nov 2017
With the pashmina threads,
Someone weaves their dreams, blindly.
A new instrument being echoed through the valleys
As braiding the threads closely.
How so ?

Eyelids have opened new stories
Emotions have allowed new secrets within
Neglecting amaurotic sights
Unaware of those dark epics yet to come
How so?

Oblivious affections
That make floret and  buds change their alluring aura.
Two dewdrops walking just like that,
Playing on the leaves of trees like pearls,
Opening to each other carefree.
But one separates and touches the terrain
The other continues to glisten.
How so?

Longing for that person to stand nearby
And whisper softly,
I will be your shadow , I will walk with you
And keep walking.
But being insensible forgotten that shadows run away as the sun falls.
How so?

The talk keeps going on in woven dreams and braided hopes

— The End —