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Here I hang

Cold, stainless steel hook
Supports my girth
In this dark abattoir
Of meaningless mirth

Do not
Nervously nibble
Or tentatively taste
Leaving nothing to waste

Voraciously chew
Selfishly swallow
Gnaw on my bones
**** out the marrow

Peel back the flesh
Crack open the cage
Tear out my beating core
Throbbing with rage

Splatter your chin with crimson
As you devour me whole
Lick your freshly ruby red lips
Feed your famished soul


…come back for seconds
I wish
I knew time
Had expired
Before depositing
More emotional currency
Into a broken
“Kiss me”
  I whisper softly
  Kiss me hard
  So that I can tell
  Whether your words are full of weight
  Or just empty promises
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