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Mackenzie Faith Aug 2020
I haven’t felt the same since
My heart and mind need to be convinced
That every little, big thing will be okay
I gotta take sometime and find a way
To rid myself from anxiety and pain
Just trying to rid these things from my mind
Take a deep breath and count to ten
Trust that Gods got me again
Mackenzie Faith Aug 2020
Life shouldn’t be about receiving
It’s all about giving
Make a point to go out of the way for others
Love your mothers
And forgive your fathers
Focus on the small things because those make the biggest difference
Stop feeling so tense
And give your mind and body some two cents
Mackenzie Faith Jan 2020
Gods not done with you
He will never be done with you
Your life will define you
Never stray from the true you
Don’t focus on the past you
Continue to build the present you
Create a direction for the future you
The journey is laid out for you
But the steps are all taken by you
The Lord is waiting for you
Mackenzie Faith Jan 2020
The greatest silence
Is the loudest soul
Mackenzie Faith Apr 2019
I am blind
I am silent darkness
I am blacker than black
I possess no knowledge
I devour the ones who question
I receive nothing but questions
I take and do not give
My words are coldly spoken
Every step taken cannot be known

I am sight
I am the loudest light
I am whiter than white
I possess all knowledge
I preserve one for the future
I give all and ask for nothing
I seek and look forward
My words are warmly spoken
The sun and the moon and stars are your guide

Darkness is the most painful drug
It never goes away
It lingers close by
Feeling the depth of the blackness
It’s the pain and hurt that doesn’t allow
The light to come through
It consumes all that is good
The hardest path for the visionless
Is to open your pounding eyes
Giving them a chance to see the light
The shining light will pursue
And burn what is soaking

I am blind
And I will ****
I am sight
And I will heal
Mackenzie Faith Jan 2019
My ways are not your ways
Lead me towards the goal
The goal you have laid out for me
I may be scared and ashamed but for me
The only way to think is to not
So many voices in my head
How will I know if the things I hear are yours or just of my own
Make it be known
That now and forevermore my soul will be yours

— The End —