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Love is
never truly
With wind blowing and trees shaking and lights flickering,
I was safe with you, and the storm inside of me ceased
just as the one outside began.
I remember that night so clearly
How the moonlight lit up our faces and left freckles on our cheeks,
How the breeze left us shivering on the outside, but on the inside we were glowing,
How the music became background noise to inside jokes and whispered secrets,
How our eyes gleamed with a love too deep for our mouths to speak,
How we made plans for the future and how we wished they could come true tomorrow.
I remember it all so well,

Your words held me even when your arms couldn’t.
Your promises showed me that I had finally found shelter.
In the darkness of the night, there was only radiant light.
You keep saying to stop apologizing for leaving.
"It’s okay", you forgive me, "it’s alright", you forgive me.
How many times will it take before I realize that maybe I should be apologizing to myself?
Maybe my worst sin wasn't walking away from you,
maybe my worst sin was walking away from myself.
I’ve been empty inside for so long
that I seemed to have forgotten
that there are moments in our lives
where we can feel completely alive.

I remembered as soon as your lips fell onto mine.
I'm dreaming of the way your body fits with mine
and the way your hands so easily tangle in my hair.
I’m dreaming of your kisses across my collarbone
and your fingertips trailing down my spine

I’m longing to feel your gentle touch so strongly across my skin
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