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As if the ground I step on will pull me
My eyes close
with the harmony of the voices
My heart is both restless and peaceful
An endless search deep inside
Whispers dance with bird chirps
I stop and listen quietly
I walk where the light takes
My faith will be my support in the skies
Where green meets blue
Just listen
with the noise of their own showdown
Deep inside
Pull the eternity your inside
with every grain
Don't we all drift into the deep river of our emotions?
The sun hitting the face among the branches
Reflected from the crystal
it's like a rainbow
As you proceed without coming back
deep into the greenery
The birds are going away
among the pine cones
ornaments of our nest
We find ourselves in the scent of pine
Smiles mixed with soil
With ants walking over us
Right after ten trees
There is an endless road for us
One last deep breath
One last look to the world
Among the mountain flowers
An anonymous man among the anonymous
As you glide through the melody of your heart on the crowded streets
A cloud collapses into your eyes on the trail of a storm
Movie frames falling from your life
Swept across the wind
Your mother's last smile
Kiss of your first love
In the dusty pages of your mind dried cherry flowers
Now they are all in lost lands
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