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Karina Apr 2019
Look at her , walking with her head held high, Turning heads, smiling at those who passes by .
She shines like the sun of  a Sunday morning , but Does anybody notices  that she is still  mourning ?.
She keeps walking with a cup of tea , took a deep breath , “oh can anyone see?
That she has a broken heart
Karina Mar 2019
With a gentle kiss goodnight on my forehead, “ I love you till the end of time “he said. He well wrapped me around his arms, my safest place where there’s no harms .

Our bed felt like a lovely warm nest , all night sleeping on his masculine chest. But disturbing nightmares my dreams had chased away, for them to never come true I prayed.

I woke up with tears on my eyes, this time he couldn’t put me at ease with his comforting lies. My world turned upside down, in a second I lost conscious as i drowned .

My nightmares did came true , my peaceful nights he turned them blue . Living with a broken heart night and day , “ I love you till the end of time “ he still says.

— The End —