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Kara Sep 14
if i could go back what would i say? what could i say?
no words could explain and the path doesn’t change

if i could put back all the pieces i’ve broken
push back the pain and end the confusion
i would, i would

but all i can do is scoop you up
"everything is going to be alright
you come out the other side"
can this be enough?

if i could turn back to reach you, lift up your face
would you, could you have understood grace?

if i could give back all i’ve given away
replace wasted time and misplaced faith
i would, i would

but all i can do is scoop you up
"everything is going to be alright
you come out the other side"
can this be enough?

i can’t go back but i’m bringing you with me
i’ll show you safe, i'll get you to see
i need you with me, you’re the reason i'm breathing
all i can do is scoop you up
"everything is going to be alright
we're going to the other side
you've always been enough"
Kara Sep 14
i start to feel that little stir and Hope pops out her head
i chastise her relentlessly until she runs away instead

such a foolish little girl, that Hope, with all her dreams
if only life could really be the way she makes it seem

but i know better now, so i keep her at bay
i’ve never won that game, i refuse to play

but she's always back there whispering, trying to make me think
that maybe, just maybe, she's the missing link

at times i really have to fight to not let her dreams sink in
to do this i remind myself of the places that she's been

every lie that i’ve believed, all the times i’ve blindly followed
when i need her to show me though, is when i'm on my own

she asks so much of me, i just want a little proof
give me something solid Hope, something to hold on to

she offers me no solace, no accompanying guarantee
she tries to make me take a step, knowing i can't see

she just doesn't get it. she is too naïve
and then she tries to act like the fool in this is me

she pokes her head out less these days, i guess i'd stay scarce too
if every time i came around i was shunned and ridiculed

i start to really miss Hope, though, when she's not around
at least there is a fleeting smile, before the fated frown

i can't get Hope figured out, i don't know why she stays
i don't how she keeps that shine on the dirtiest of days

she keeps holding out the light, i almost follow every time
so tempted to go fly with her but i just can't cross that line

this is the life i live, the game i choose to play
with intermittent Hope in a world of ash and gray
Kara Jul 2018
the song your fingertips play on my skin
the most brilliant of silent sounds

that catch in your breath when I reach for you
the rustling of your hands in my hair
the whimper that I can't keep in
little groan as you draw me near
the sound a smile makes in the dark
the energy of the air

effortless harmony  
intrinsic symphony
resonate in me

Kara Jun 2018
I can go hungry for so long I forget I'm starving
I can go so hard I don't see my knuckles bleeding
from the walls that I'm building,
all this weight I've been carrying.

I can dwell so long I'll change my own memory
I can talk enough to convince myself of anything
like love is the enemy,
not worth it anyway.

Until I hear my soul sigh as it sinks into a heartbeat  
Until I recognize an energy as if it were a part of me
Until I find myself on the side of serendipity
One touch, undone –
along with all the lies that I told me
Kara Jun 2018
a gift to bare my soul to one    
who trusts enough to give the same    
and for us both to recognize      
that which we give
and receive      
is nebulous
on a journey
to be given    
and accepted
as is
with grace  
not caged

— The End —