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Kaori Dec 2012
Tender scalps
swollen lips
numb fingers
and bruised hips
tooth and claw
tear tender flesh
tears fall
the pain fresh
fingers clasped
sobs and gasps
           I can’t
a sigh heaved
incant soft whispers
mantras in darkness
Chaos, my lover.
Kaori Dec 2012
Once in a while
I creep
into the catacombs
of my soul
just to see
to take a peek
(and sometimes feed)
the beast
that sleeps
so deep inside of me.
Experimental unstructured rhyming mess. 12-2012
Kaori Dec 2012
Once upon a time
I did not know how
to accept true love
I did not know how
to open myself.
Experiment. 12-2012
Kaori Dec 2012
My soul is on fire
smoking as it burns
but the smoke detector is lying
gutted and useless
on the cold cement floor

My heart is smoldering
crackling and shriveling
but all the water is dripping
bitter and filthy
on the cold cement floor

My sanity is decaying
oozing and slipping
sliding and trickling
and my mind is in the basket
lost forever
on the cold cement floor
Written before 2000
Kaori Dec 2012
Frigid wind
whips willing skin
change of seasons
Sensual overload

Kaori Dec 2012
Every bruise heals

every tear becomes salt

a new day will dawn
Kaori Dec 2012
Tiny Christs dying
for your sins and perversions
Look them in the eyes
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