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Kae Jul 2018
Remember me

Remember me when I leave,
And not seen for months at a time.

Remember me when I go,
To a place that you do not know.

Remember me when I don’t return,
From where you left me.

I ask you to remember me,
Because one day I will leave.

I beg you to remember me,
Because one day I will go.

I compel you to remember me,
Because one day I won’t return.

Now I must wonder,
Will you remember me,
When I am just a picture in a frame?
Kae Jul 2018
Help Me

I’m drowning,
But not in a sea.

I’m falling,
But not off a cliff.

I’m dying,
But not in a hospital.

I’m hurt,
But not physically.

You see me,
But not as who I am.

Help me,
But not by calling 911.

Help me,
By being there for me.

Help me,
By listening to me.

Help me,
By hugging me.

Help me,
If you say we’re friends.
Kae Jul 2018
I once dreamed of the stars,
That was long before I gave myself scars,

I once dreamed of placing the last puzzle piece,
Now I dream of finding the peace in my own mind,

I once dreamed of being free to roam,
Being free from my own mind is what I dream of now,

I once dreamed of growing up,
That was before I did and the world hurt me,

“Let me go!” Is what I would cry on a warm summer day,
Now that is what I cry out to my inner demons,

Times were better before I grew up,
And realized the world would hurt me,

I wish to go back,
And truly be free,
But now I have scars, a broken mind,
And I’m chained to my own diseased brain.
Thank you for reading this, this is the first poem that I’ve shared with anyone else. If you have any suggestions please message me because I’m just starting out and I’m trying to learn. I hope you enjoyed reading this.


— The End —