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K G Apr 2016
I'll cut my hair
Not because you don't want me to
Not because of you
But because i want to

I'll put my red lipstick on
Not because we're going out
Not because i want the boys to check me out
But because i like to

I'll talk to my friends
Not because we're not good
Not because i'm in a flirting mood
But because i need to

Im leaving you
Not because i have someone new
Not because im cheating on you
But because i love myself too
K G Oct 2015
We are on the same place but you will never know
Our eyes will never meet
I see you smile from down below
You, with her, I feel the heat

How do I forget a poetic person like you are
I broke your precious heart, piece by piece
And still chose to love me even more
But my mind will never give me peace

I read what you're writing, here, same place
Cuts like a knife, a torture I deserve
I'd like you to write something about this phase
I want to feel you get into my nerve

Your fault, my fault, not a big deal
Images I need to unlearn to love
It was not mine, not yours, but ours, with seal
Only I can enter, my love

I can never do another move to revive us
We are both tied and you're tired
Just get out of my head, yes, you must
Not easy, believe me I tried
K G Aug 2013
All set up
I'm ready to touch you
but with a single stroke
it all slipped away.

It was red
flowing violently in my head
the tip was deeply pressed
the paper was wrecked.

It was blue
and there was no clue
no signs of you
it wasn't the most beautiful view

It was green
we're no longer clean
the movement was mean
but we were craving so much for this sin.

We don't want to end
I don't want to stop
We don't need to talk
I just need a nap
And we'll continue again
with another cup
Just lay down there
I'll be on top.
K G Jun 2013
My heart is so tired but im not giving up
I am giving in
It's caving in
Could I rest my soul at your top?

Let me feel your warm touch
Breathe on my neck
I'll allow a little peck
I bet you still know the catch

Come to me a little bit closer
I'll whisper it in your ear
Baby don't fear
Nobody's gonna tell her

Let's make this beautiful mistake
Am I really this desperate
I don't want to separate
When it's done we'll bake

Don't marry your Jane
I'll be waiting for you
Under the tree I'll see you
Do as I say, just dont marry Jane.
K G Jun 2013
This account isn't made for you
All these poems aren't about you
The one I like is of course not you
The one I love couldn't be you

In my head you're erased
In my heart you have no place
I don't remember our kisses' taste
I forgot about our sweet embrace

You don't love me anymore, I could only care less
I will never wear that **** blue dress
Remember the day I said 'to you, I'd still say yes'
Forget it 'cause I am a big mess.
K G Jun 2013
Without you, forever I'm alone
It's been a year, I just realized you're gone
I never thought of relating my life to a song
but it's on repeat I'm loving you all along

1st of June I was tempted to do it
but it won't matter so I just lit my cigarette
I remember that was one of the things you hate about me
I guess now you really hate everything about me

I became fascinated about the moon
Hoping to see batman or wolverine soon
Like KG and JB, let's sing the tune
count to three, sing with me **** this poem

— The End —