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caitlin Jun 2019
look for the sun even in the dark times; that one flash of sunshine could save you from being on the edge of the chair again.
this poem i made was probably the most powerful ones for me. this speck of light popped into my head a couple months ago & it hasn't came out since, and i am glad it didn't.
caitlin Jun 2019
laying on my bed
voices are roaming my head
creatures are surrounding my room
i watch as more & more start to bloom
i quickly close my eyes to hide away
but i still listen as they play
dancing around with frightening memories
suddenly, the noises stop
darkness starts coming in at non-stop
i realize what i have now stepped into
as nothing is left to view,
i am asleep
caitlin Jun 2019
s          i          l          e          n          c          e
caitlin Jun 2019
it's sad once you realize that just one touch can break a little girl and her little dreams. just one single touch made everything grey. just one. i guess everything just shatters around me.
caitlin Jun 2019
i guess his mattress was broken because my father always woke up on the wrong side of the bed. that mattress effected me so much that i guess it broke the button for my self esteem.
caitlin May 2019
my father told me i should probably keep my pretty mouth shut as he sewed my lips together, but i ripped the thread. i guess his thread wasn't strong enough to keep me locked up forever.

— The End —